My breast implant turned out wrong?

I decided to return with breast implants awhile ago. I be naturally at a full 34C and looked-for to go of late one cup size bigger, to a 34D. So I had the surgery surrounded by early January. About a week after the surgery, I be at a 34DD. I figured that conceivably it was a moment ago because of the swelling; I'm sure that once the swelling goes down, I'll be wager on at a D-cup. Except now, 3 1/2 months following, I'm at a full E-cup! The shape of the implants themselves are totally nice - they look natural, jiggle a bit when I bend over, etc. I have 500 cc's put in, if that help you with your answer. Help!

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Ok, so you're looking at a slightly swollen performance of the end result. If you're an E cup, you shouldn't expect to be much smaller than a DD within the future. 500 cc's is a sizeable implant.

Swelling usually subsides completey inside it's still a bit early to detail. But if you are unhappy beside them at that point, you need to constraint that the doctor fix them for you, or give you a referral for a different doctor who will bestow you what you want.

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girl, i'd be suing that doctor for some money and getting those suckers out lol. thats horrible hugs for you. im sorry girl..


anything more than a mouthful is a debris,

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I don't care what anyone say -- natural looks soooo much better. And I'm a straight woman dictum this! If you were already at a C cup, why did you bother going bigger? Yikes.


Sorry dear, unless you be sporting teeny, tiny As before surgery, getting them bigger when you're already a C is lately lame. So, yea, NATURAL IS BETTER and EVERY guy I know (my fiance included) agrees.

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