Which is safer and easier, a tubal ligation or vasectomy?

My husband and I are 31 and 30 respectivelly. We have a one and a partially year old and are expecting a second child in October 2007. At this point, we are clear in your mind that we don't want anymore children.

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PLEASE DON'T RUSH HIM INTO A VASECTOMY! I had one joyfully a few months ago. MUCH easier and less scratchy than for her, and easier to reverse. Plus, she just have a baby, and have been through adequate...then I read an article going on for a connection between this and a type of dimentia, surrounded by which language centers within the brain deteriorate...there are ongoing studies, but a small study have shown a correlation. They think that the sperms, which hold no where to jump but the bloodstream, trigger the production of antibodies which might damage the brain. Hopefully I won't turn retarded. This sounds a little ridiculous, but I swear it's true...do a moment or two research before he get his tubes tied.


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Most definitely a vasectomy. This can be done within a dr's office. Whereas a tubal ligation is most important surgery and the woman will have to concordat with hormonal problems afterwards.

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The vasectomy is less intrusive

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A vasectomy is always safer and easier.

However, if you want to own the tubal ligation after the delivery of your 2nd child, while the doctors are surrounded by there anyway -- that would be fine too.

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My ex-wife got her "tubes tied" one and the same time she had her toddler.
Since the Doctor was already "surrounded by there", it was natural just to do it consequently. Ask your Doctor about this.

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a vasectomy- it also have a better chance of successfully anyone reversed.

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Surgical procedures are not safer or easier. You should wish which one wants to grasp the procedure done. If I had to choose for myself I would choose a vasectomy. I say-so that because its more simple than a tubal ligation. A vasectomy includes cutting a small cut into the penis and tubal ligation they enjoy to cut open the stomach and in attendance are more layers within the stomach than a penis. Both are just as tight.

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A vasectomy is safer an easier, as it can be performed within the doctors office during a regular department visit. However it can't be reversed, where on earth as a tubal ligation can be reversed sucessfully(not always tho).

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Vasectomy. He can have it done surrounded by the urologist's office. You would enjoy to be in the hospital. He walk out right after the procedure. You don't.

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I don't want to upset you, but I had a tubal done and it hurt worse than pushing my kid out and ripping. The gas they put in you to bloat your belly is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO rough. I screamed for hours after ward and they finally shut me up near morphine. I still felt the niggle, but was to dazed to cry. Then I went home and threw up over 20 times surrounded by a hour. I dunno about the vas. but the tubal is uncomfortable. After the gas wore off I couldn't even obtain out of a chair by myself for three days. If your husband loves you at adjectives, he will have a vas.. But since the doc. is already in in attendance it probably won't hurt as bad. If they say aloud they have to bloat you near gas. Say noway!

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