Anyone eve have dysplasia due to HPV? i'm going to own a LEEP on wednesday?

and i'm so scared, i don't own kids and i would like to

Birth Control, please help?

I had one done for impressive cells due to ASCUS. Not to alarm you but my procedure was incredibly raw. I would have appreciated some sort of stipulation however because everyone told me that it was not bleeding...just self-conscious. Make sure that you have talk to your dr. and made sure everything possible has be explained to you and there are no other option because after I switched doctors my new doctor (who is wonderful!) explained every prospect to me about my current and departed procedures and informed me that the LEEP was really not needed. There are less invasive procedures. This be extremely upsetting to me and felt as though my olden doctor was a moment ago trying to go for a fast fix. I have be assured my new doctor that it should not effect my expertise to have children as this be a major concern for me also. As long as you are all right informed and feel comfortable near your doctor you should be fine with any procedure.

Guys.dont you find the bleeding of a woman after her first sex disgusting?

I enjoy recently be through part of this procedure and know of others who enjoy been through it already. My doctor did not appear to think here would be any complications for pregnancy later on, however, I be very concerned going on for this as well. Another doctor mentioned that it be best to continue to get pregnant a year after you own clear Paps. It is my understanding that the biopsy is more tight than the next procedures. I also did deeply of research on this subject, but not much on internet that was pure certainty. Good luck with everything and I would suggest speaking more beside your doctor and maybe others as capably.

I havnt had an appitite for in the region of two days now and after i try to get through i feel sick so i havnt be eating?

I be scheduled to own a LEEP done in 1997, but formerly the appointment came I come up pregnant. It was put bad and the pregnancy was fine. I have it done three months after the delivery (it wasn't that bad) and hold went on to own 3 more successful pregnancies (well I have one week vanished on the third one). I carry them adjectives to term and adjectives overdue, so it didn't hurt my fertility OR my ability to get. Some people say-so it hindered them as far as carrying a baby, but I guess conceivably it all depends on where on earth on your cervix the tissue was removed, and how big of a piece they took.

Why does some girl pee while they are in the middle having sex?

I did hold a LEEP done within a year after have my first child. Everything went fine until the birth of my second child.

While I be in labor near my second child (this was 13 years after the LEEP), it be really, really hard for my cervix to dilate. (This be definitely NOT a problem next to the labor with my first child. I dilated from 3cm to 9cm in an hour!!) My labor was tremendously, very throbbing this time around. Sometime later within the evening, one of the attendings asked me if I had ever have a LEEP performed, and if so, when. So I told her, and she go "THAT explains it!" She said that for some women, after having a LEEP, it tend to close up the cervix and created scar tissue. But she did state that this be for SOME women and not the case for everyone.

Before you enjoy your LEEP, you should really talk to your doctor give or take a few your concerns. And if you still go ahead near the LEEP, talk to your doctor when you be in motion in for your follow-up and during any other check up you should express your concerns and enjoy someone make sure that everything is okay. Good luck!

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