Orgasm tips?

any women have tips on how to product my orgasm better?stronger or faster?

I have fibroids?

hey try pelvic floor exercises, also particular as kegals.
to do this clench your muscles tight down there , close to you are holding in a pee.
hold for 10 secs and release.
these will make sex and orgasms better and also maintain you from getting incontinence in later life span.

I havent got my interval in 3 months do i enjoy an infection ?

one word: Kegels :)

What is going on with my period??


What is considered the bikini line?

Try watchin some porn near your man right before...that should do the trick

Have you ever put birth control pills surrounded by your shampoo to thicken your hair? Notice any difference?

Get really into it. Have fun. Be more agressive. More foreplay

Heart attack? heart problem? blodd pressure? facilitate?


Lighter Period?

Try getting on top. That way you control the situation of how quick or how slow you go. Also hold him go down on you and ask him to use his tounge really speedily. That should get you going.

Shaving press??

you have to be excited something like doing it , masterbating, or sex .

Girls: if it feels so devout to have sex, later why is it uncomfortable to use a big tampon?


Very reading light bleeding during periodpossible pregnancy?

during intercourse involve in as long as u possible forepaly.

Exceptionaly heavy period?

I know that watching porn and being more agressive does it for me. Also when my husband debate dirty to me that seems to do it too.

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