Ladies: Have you gotten the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, however?

I am supposed to get the vaccine for cervical cancer and I own been reading some pretty awful side effects, including flu similar to symptoms, rash/hives, and almost every case be fainting . . . I am for a while nervous very soon, but those were adjectives cases from this past nose-dive, I think right when they come out with this vaccine. Anyone get hold of this vaccine? AND did you experience any side effects??

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i have not gotten it even so simply because i cannot find anywhere that has it! as soon as i do, i'm getting it. the most adjectives side effect i've heard of is swelling, flush, or itching at the injection site but fever, nausea, and dizziness are possibilities too. individually, if it protects me from the worst and most common types of HPV, i don't mind that at adjectives.

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I'm not getting it because it hasn't been proven to be out of danger yet nor own any aftereffects.

It's a new vaccine. It can bring years before they find out if it is really not dangerous.

If you're not sexually active, I would dally awhile before getting the vaccine.

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I haven't gotten it, but I can tell you that some minor affliction and temporary flu-like symptoms are better than dealing beside genital warts or cancer then down the road.

Unfortunately, I already have one of the strains of HPV so they won't inoculate me. I wish I be born a couple of years earlier.

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I individually haven't gotten it yet, and hold been thinking in the region of it. It has be FDA approved but maybe it wasn't contained by the fall?
However, something to ponder, I've read that they're coming out beside another vaccination sometime effective i think April, that will protect against ALL of the cancer cause kinds of HPV... and Gardasil solitary protects around three or four? Forgive me if thats not the exact, but, If I were you, I'd probably hang about until they develop a little more into it and hang on to checking side effects from others.

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As far as I am concerned- I am skipping it for now- I have a 14 year elderly and our Dr. tried to convince us to allow our daughter to get it- I speak NO WAY, this time next year it will be adjectives over CNN reporting some crazy things that it does to your body- There is just not ample history behind it for me!!

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i am a man and haven't gotten it but when i do i will email you and tell you how it go.

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