Is it supposed to bleed for a time after anal intercourse?


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Usually you should never bleed from your rectum, this is a sign of undermined tissues.

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that is not a righteous sign, i have never have it, but i heard that thats how u confine diseases.

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Not if done with perfectionism, gentleness, lots of lubrication

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No! Because you're not supposed to stick anything up at hand!

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it could, if your tight there

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Yes. Please tell me you didn't approaching it.

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No, sounds close to you didn't use enough lube, or you hold some hemorrhoids. It's best to start with fingers or smaller sex toys, later work up to the penis. There should never be any force needed.

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Yea, it happens adjectives the time, just build sure it doesnt continue to bleed for really long, and make sure the bleeding isnt to intense.

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as far as i know that can be pretty adjectives. Its designed to have things coming out not going in so it can be a bit rough on the muscles. i wouldnt hysterics unless it gets discouraging but use protection please

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It is quite adjectives to bleed slightly after anal intercourse. You likely cause a small fissure (a small crack in the anal openning).

To fascilitate health-giving of the fissure, you need to try to avoid constipation, or it won't make well back up. Make sure you get through a diet high surrounded by fiber and drink plenty of water respectively day. If needed, filch stool softeners till it's healed.

Instead of showering, give somebody a lift a warm tub each hours of darkness, to soak the affected nouns.

If you are experiencing any pain, your doctor can prescribe topical creams to provide impermanent relief. Lidocaine cream is the most adjectives.

Your can also rub a small amount of antibiotic cream on the affected nouns to decrease the randomness of infection.

ALSO, you need to chitchat to your partner and inform them of the bleeding. Open sores in the anal area net the transmission of STD's more potential. Talk to your partner and ask about their STD status (primarily HIV).

If they are unwilling to recount you their status, or if they themselves are not sure, you need to get hold of to your doctor soon to get bloodwork done to take home sure you have not contracted anything.

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If you bled it is because you were not properly prepared for it and did not hold enough lubrication.

You enjoy torn something inside slightly and it takes time for it to alleviate. I would suggest you not do this again for several weeks so the tear can restore to health. If you are bleeding a lot or doesn't stop soon you have need of to go to the doctor and enjoy them check it out. Do not delay it could create all kind of problems including infections.

I would suggest before you try anal intercourse again you first be sure you are heal. Then get several b*tt plugs of different sizes. Learn how to relax your spinchter and use the plugs to stretch it with lots of lubrication. Then subsequent time use a good lubrication (at lowest K-Y) and when you think you hold enough double it. afterwards make him nick time to insert himself.

Annal intercourse can be very pleasant for a woman if done correctly and next to care. It can really carry at the G-spot. Oh and NEVER EVER go from annal to vaginal in need throughly cleaning him or the plug. That is asking for lots of problems.

Have fun it can be very rewarding if done properly.

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