The pill......Microgynon?

i have be prescribed the pill which is..Microgynon but the thing is im worried in the region of putting on weight beside it!! ive heard from one entity that it bloats you up like silly !! but im not shore wheather to believe it...ive not started taking it yet because i hold to wait until my due date hold you heard ne entity about this pill?

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You can always stop taking if that happen. It depends on the individual just because it happen to some people dont be going to it will happen yo you. With my pill my breasts get larger. Went up a cup size.

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i hold been on microgynon for 10 years and i've never have any problems with it.

i've never hear of it making you put on weight - i don't really see how it could do that.


i used to take microgynon 30 and have no side effects whatsoever. i really think it does depend on you one-sidedly though. we're all different so medication will react to us differently.
adjectives you can do is try it and see what happens. nearby are dozens of different contraception pills so you may just own to try a few to find one that suits you.

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Yeah I take this pill too and I can assure you that I enjoy put no weight whatsoever on beside it and I have be taking it for 8 years now and enjoy had to side effects at adjectives.

Hope this helps

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yes ive be on microgynon for the last 10 years. ive never put on any consignment or felt bloated at any stage. it is a great form of contraceptive.

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Everyone is different I be told by the nurse that the pill orany other hormone contraceptive can or may increase your appetite it is up to you if you eat more.
Some find the pill does not sort any diffrence to weight so it is trial and error next to anything.
Daughter takes it and have been for one year no problems

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I didn't put on any weight, but it did cause me emotional and I cried adjectives the time. It affects different people within different ways, if it doesn't work for you, change to a different pill.

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I hold been on the pill Microgynon and every entry was fine for me, I never notice putting on any weight down to the pill, adjectives pills have side effects within is a hole list of them, near is a pill im on at the moment that says it give u a bigger appetite, if u stick to what u normally devour things should be fine.

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I used to hold that but had to renovation becasue of bloo dpressure, you may put on a litle weight but you do next to all Pills. My docotor told me that if you do put on shipment then it will just bea couple of pounds. Just watch what you devour over the next month or so and you should be fine. It really a moment ago depends on each being.

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Microgynon doesnt certainly make you put on substance all by itself, it give you a bigger appetite that normal, so you close up putting on weight in recent times by eating more.

If you're worried though a short time ago when you get the urge to snack, snack on fruit or something resembling that.

Also, a good pill for not putting on solidity is Femodene. Its got smaller number of whatever hormone it is contained by Microgynon that makes you want to pig out. However, my doctor made me sign a piece of composition because 3 out of every million women just illogically die from taking it (as opposed to 2 contained by every million with Microgynon)

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This is one of the elder pills on the market, described as second age group. This group has stood the tryout of time, in reality there is some evidence that they are safer than third colleagues pills, which might cause more clots.

Your query sounds as if you wrote it while a little anxious and excitable, but I will try and pick up on the points you made.

Neither fluid retention, nor mass gain appear on the data sheet for microgynon. There observable fact on it therefore must be fundamentally rare.

If you start your first pill on the first hours of daylight of your period you contraceptive cover starts at once. You afterwards take your pill for 21 days, miss the subsequent 7 days and then start again. It is worth note that you are also protected against pregnancy on the pill free days.

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I have be taking Microgynon for about 2 years in a minute and I have have no problems at all on it. All my friends are on it as economically and we all similar to it. It can be individual what your body reacts to but if you do touch bad on it move about see your GP and they will change you to another perscription.

I be on a different pill a few years back that made me put on profoundly of weight but Microgynon is supposed to be the pill next to the least sympthoms hence why it tend to be the GP's first choice when giving you a perscription for the pill so you should be safe. Just take home sure you follow the instructions.

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Everyone react differently to different pills so all you can do is try it and see how it suits you. The just thing I can enunciate about microgynon is my mum have no problems when she was on it track back when, (it's one of the elder brands) but I had deeply sore breasts when I was on it and so did one of my friends. Just see how your body react to it and if you have any problems your doctor should translation you onto another brand.

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