Longer period after a tubal ligation?

I had my tubes tide within July of 06 and still today my periods are 10 days long next to the first 3 days just spotting next 4 days of heavy bleeding and 3 days of spotting again. Then this month I have some spotting in between. I had a tot in may of 06 and no birth control after that and no birth control past baby.. MY period have other been mundane before and after i hold had my kids. I own 3.
So is this normal and i should freshly deal next to it or should i talk to obgyn just about it?

Thanks for the help.

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Several of my friends and I own had impossible to tell apart problem. I have read some medical journal that speak of the 'probability' that Tubals increase heavy period, but I think in attendance's not much to be done.
I had my tubal 9 years ago, after my ending child, and it sent me into terrible period, and I developed endometriosis and PCOS.
What I have in a minute is the Mirena IUD. It has like hormones as Depo Provera, and it took 18 months, but it has finally made my period manageable--about 6-7 days.I would often bleed for 25 days beforehand I got it.
I'd see your GYN asap and see what can be done. I wait 7 years before I took management and I wish I'd gone to the Dr. much sooner.
Good luck

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you arent getting yearly gyno exams?? you obligation to do that. sheesh.

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I've talked to a few of my friends who have tubal ligation and they said that their periods become longer and heavier. I would definitely reach a deal to your OB/GYN about this to see what they feel.

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I got my tubes tied/burnt 4 years ago. My period are a lot heavier, but they don't really second longer. I don't think 10 days have a period is majority, I feel so doomed to failure for you, mine last 5 days tops. I may be wrong, lately go to your D.R.

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