In tubal ligation reversal available in the philippines now?


I own been taking danazol for four months it finished 10 days ago when do i find my period?

You should contact the best OB/GYN doctor on the Island. Explain what you inevitability, and see if they can help you themselves or refer you to another Dr.
Good luck.

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If you will surf the right now, you can see that I a moment ago have discuss around the tubal ligation or BLT, bilateral tubal ligation to a girl asking about it. So I will not discuss anymore what tubal ligation is adjectives about.

What you want to know is if in attendance is a tubal ligation reversal in the Philippines, my answer is yes. I know the procedure is available in St. Luke's Hospital which is located in E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City. But the problem beside the procedure is it is not 100 percent reliable. You only enjoy a 50-50 chance that your previous fertility will be returned aside from self very expensive. My sister undergo the same procedure , reversal but she slipshod because her tubes scarred. Yes, our fallopian tubes are too sinewy that it will produce scarring when tied. The things to consider before you experience the procedure are length of years you had your BLT and your age.

I hope I help you.

Good day and God bless.


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