For women who own had breast implant?

i've seen on several tv shows that show how breast bud operations are made that sometimes they remove the nipples and place them surrounded by a new position according to the unknown size of the breast...but by doing that don't you lose all sensibility within your nipples? as an erogenous zone i mean...

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I have breast implants and a breast pull last April. I did lose opinion in my nipples, but a couple months after that all the response came stern.

Mom makes me wear a bodysuit and I antipathy, is she right?

no u dont cause my dads a doctor and does those things and my mums a nurse as capably so no i dont think anyway

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Sometimes when u cut into nerves the sensitivty is decreased. There's other a chance.

I have a tooth pulled out 4 days ago. How much longer will it hurt like this?

There are more ways to do a breast augmentation. There is the armpit procedure and later there's the bellybutton procedure where on earth they insert the implant through your bellybutton and this method, you don't get any scarring. Hope this help.

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