HPV vaccine?

I've read that this vaccine is recommended for girls/women from ages 9-26. Can't any woman receive the vaccine as long as she hasn't had sexual intercourse?

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I did a research project for college on this, the vaccine is for ages 9-26 because those are the age groups that they have done the most research and carrying out tests in. Right in a minute they are seeing if it is safe for women over ages 26 and beneath 9, and for men as well. You can receive the vaccine if you hold had sex.

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You do not enjoy to be a virgin to have the vaccine.
Was that your examine?

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you dont have to be a virgin to get hold of it...you get a shot once a month for the span of three months.

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it costs a lot of money

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That's a flawless question.

But from personal experiance, if you can bring it. GET IT!

I had my first child @ the age of 19 years out-of-date. Went in for my post-delivery pap & be told a few days later that I have Cervical Cancer due to a STD called HPV. I didn't even know that existed!?!

The treatment be horrid & painful. For years subsequent afterwards I had to seize routine biopsies which hurt & I had no insurance. So I self compensated for years of testing & paps.

It's be scarey. I would never wish it on anyone.

So if they can prevent it on anyone I am adjectives for it. Hopefully someone can answer your question. I in recent times wanted to detail you that I am glad you are looking into it.

Good Luck :)

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you can carry it if you have have sex and don't forget men can get it to.

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