Lactating when you're not breastfeeding?

I had my third child ten months ago and havent breastfed within nine months. I still lactate. Is this normal. With my first child, I lactated even three years after her birth and I with the sole purpose breatfed for a couple months. My breasts are small and they're not "full" or anything. They lactate at the slightest amount of pressure. Has this happened to anyone else?

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You should tell your dr. It could be merely a normal ebb and flow - and it probably is. Have them check your prolactin hormone level. In scarce instances, a pituitary tumor can cause this. It is totally rare though. Go capture checked.

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Take birth control pills, it drys up the milk.

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Go see your doctor. If you aren't breast feeding you shouldn't still be lactating. Your doctor can assure you nought is wrong & give you the medication needed to clear up the issue.

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Some women produce milk for years after a baby. It isn't much, only a little. But, you shouldn't be releasing milk similar to that. I would suggest you talk to your doctor roughly speaking it. It could be a hormone thing, which can be well corrected. It could just be your body doing what it requirements to do too.

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