Fibroids,can they be shrunk readily.If so how does diet contribute to that process?


Clomid and period?

Not really, and not much.

You're body have its own, natural method of dealing with them. When this components breaks down, then fibroids form. They don't habitually go away on their own.

A strong, balanced diet is other a good hypothesis. However, there is not a biddable or specific diet for fibroids. Sorry for the bad word.

Cervical Polyp..?

Less caffeine and fewer sugary foods will assistance to reduce fibroids, so I hear.

Period problems!?!?!(help)?

According to one of my hint books you should do the following:
Avoid eating cabbage, beets, rutabaga, soy beans, spinach and turnips.
Take some form of aerobic excercise.
Eat potatoes, apples and sesame seed in instruct to stimulate the thyroid gland.
Supplements that can help include kelp(150mcg 3 times a hours of daylight, Tyrosine (500mg 4 times a day and vitamin B1 (100mg 3 times a sunshine.
Avoid the following foods:
legumes, oats, alfalfa, sunflower seeds, endive, wheat germ, brewer's yeast and liver.
Anumber of other supplements and herb are also recommended including 100mg B complex that does not contain PABA or folic acis, B6, 100mg 3 times a day, lipotropic factor, 1000mg 2 times a daytime, vitamin E 100IU once a day, red clover combination 2 tablets 3 times a light of day 1 milk thistle tablet 3 times a day, red rasberry help prevent bleeding, queen of the meadow help reduce dull pain and false unicorn corrects many problems of the reproductive system. Sorry in attendance is so much of it, but that's what the man says.
Good luck

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