Is it ok to own breast lumps while they're still growing?

I'm doing a report and I need to "poll" society's opinions to see what they THINK.
If you could assistance me, I'd appreciate it! :]

What to do, so down?

Lumpy boobs are common. Mine would catch quite tender around a week before my time of year. As I got elder they gradually didn't do that anymore.
Now, any lumps I perceive are my rib cage.

Good luck on the report!

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Breasts are smoothly lumpy- what would be unnatural would be around a pea size lump and it would feel resembling it would be on top of the muscle.
Thats what my doc other tells me.

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I had alike problem. I notice a hop in my right breast give or take a few 1 year and a half ago. About 6 months after threr be three!! I got pregnant so the doc couldn't do anything. After I have my baby I have the removed. Thankfully it wasn;t breas cancer. But u should see a doc specially if they are growing it could be breas cancer!!

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Breast lumps are normal, and most of them are noncancerous.

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