I enjoy fibromyalgia for many years but lately I am massively depressed and sad. I also am dealing beside two elderly?

Parents. My Mom broke her hip over two years ago and a few months ago she fractured her pelvis. All I want to do is cry what can I do?

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You need to look into some elder safekeeping assistance for your parents and some counseling for yourself. Caring for elderly parents, particularly those next to health problems, is a daunting responsibility, especially when you have form problems of your own. It's normal to touch that you should be able to touch it because these are your parents and you love them, but there's much more to it than that. As ethnic group age, there are sometimes mental or touching issues (such as dementia) which come into play and must be considered. As much as you may want to care for your parents yourself, you own to be able to endorse when things get beyond what you can switch. Are there other line members who can comfort out by offering part-time nouns or short vacations for you? There are public, church and charitable organization that have programs to comfort with a variety of aspects of elder care. You have need of to look into some of these before you break down. If you jump to see a counselor, you should be able to take some guidance there or from your doctor. Fibromyalgia can breed life impressively difficult, particularly when you run through a flare-up. If you haven't taken any coping classes or chronic pain headship classes, you might look into that, also. And if you're not on meds for this problem, there are some available to sustain you. Please talk to your doctor.
Best of luck.

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Go to your doctor and ask for something for your depression. It help a lot. With your parents, I know it can be stressful and worrisome at times, especially next to broken bones. Don't worry; they know you are trying your hardest. Just try not to receive anxious about these things, or be down in the dumps about them. Try giving yourself a structure; i hold OCD and had depression, and the structure really help both. Good luck. I hope you'll get better, and that your mom will be okay.

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Oh sweet baby, I did cure the fibromyalgia of a woman excellently and never repeated. You have need of to give me full details but however you can give somebody a lift Rhustox 200c in homeopathy to catch relieved of pains and phytolacca 30c to let the fibrous tissues disappear. Please rob Gentain the bach flower remedy for your depression which work wonderfully.

the process is like this.

1st light of day ...............two doses of bryonia 200c morning and eve

2nd day...............Hypericum 200c morning and evening

3rd sunshine ---------- Rhus Tox 200c morning and evening

from 5th day onwards........hold phytolacca 30 c every day for a fortnight and stop for a fortnight and repeat again for a fortnight .........till the fibrous cease. Repeat the above treatment when you suffer from pain again.

In count to that........you can take calcaria flour 12x within the morning and kaliphos 12x before sleep till the improvment

tallying to that .........Gentain is a bachflower remedy that releive you from all your depression and bestow strength to copeup with your each day problems. purchase an ounce of gentain and agrimony bach flower remedies available in any of the homeostores available near you and mix one or 2 drops contained by a glass of wet and drink every day morning.

you can browse on bach flower remedies in google.


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I surface for you. Depression and fibromyalgia go foot in mitt.

Ask you doctor for Cymbalta. It is an antidepressant that lessens the affliction of fibromyalgia. The generic name is duloxetine. If you don't hold insurance, you can order from here: http://www.inhousepharmacy.com/anti-depr...
It is a out of danger online pharmacy. I have have fibromyalgia for decades and Cymbalta is the only entity that has really help.

If you decide to pocket Cymbalta, start at a low dose like 30 mg/day. In roughly speaking a month, go up to 60 mg/day. You can cart it at night or morning. You might hold some weird side effects at first but you will still know how to function. I lost my appetite, had nausea, be nervous, couldn't sleep capably, etc.
All that went away contained by 3-4 weeks and everything got better. Good luck.


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It sounds like your mom have osteoperosis...check this with her doctor...Be sure you will not achieve it...
Crying is oke...get angry that is to say one step up to the emoitonal scale do EFT...a self support technique easy to apply.
Valerian and St Johns worth and Kava kava are raw anti depression, anti anxiety herbs.
5 HTP and Gaba are also honourable alternatives...just do not mix them near medications as this can enjoy negative effects. Be aware of medication anyway. A pastor, who comes in the ED normally, once asked me this question: Did you ever see somebody on medication and make well (he was speaking give or take a few anti depression/ anti anxiety and bipolar medications. This boggled my mind....I could not find a personage....
Depression is a phase when it is when you see parts of yourself, the world you do not like. You can not adopt these realizations. Medications preserve you quiet and subdued. Do not forget that the subsequent step is anger and needs to obtain out before the subsequent step of anticipation, acceptation and goon with your live. Medication might be a bridge for a while but not for ever...
With anxiety something have happened within your past and if you start to stir into the anxiety mood is because something triggered this awful memory. You can not or do not want to go to this experience it is too bleeding. So what do you do, going panic and at present it is called a frenzy attack.

To get to the descent of your depression or anxiety you can use tools. Tool like EFT (emotional freedom technique) and EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). What cause the anxiety...what is behind your anxiety? You can get hold of there and be more what you really are. Enjoy every moment.

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