Please back! Stress Spot...What is it? I'm not sure what it is for sure...but I have this spot on my back/shoulder within the muscle where I contemplate I carry adjectives my stress. I have my boyfriend stroke it once in a while and he can have a feeling (and I can feel and hear) this little "chunk" moving. It's not a kink like common muscle knots any. When I'm super stressed I can feel it throbbing and it hurts similar to crazy. When he massages it, it hurts at first, consequently lessens up and kinda go away. But then it's put money on less than an hour after that. I've heard that it could be creatine or keratin (don't remember which one they said) build up. Or that it could be a cyst to hand a nerve. What do you regard?? I'm in nursing university (but I've never heard of this yet) and my enthusiasm is going to be really stressful for the next 3 and a partly years. What can I do to get this to dance away?? I can't handle much more of this! Please lend a hand!

Is there something I can do or devour to make my extent shorter?

Well, if it's a cyst, you better have it checked past it becomes really irritated and starts to bring serious problems. These little "bumps" or "knots" are usually nothing, but it never hurts to enjoy them checked out.

It could also be a nesting alien life form that be deposited there while you be sleeping. (I just lost adjectives credibility, didn't I?)

GIRLS only!?

Sounds approaching you need to see a manipulate therapist and achieve this area worked on. I hold this on the left side of my subsidise near my shoulders/neck and mould therapy help a lot but my personal press therapist no longer works at the nursing home I work at soooooooooooo I haven't have it worked on for a long time.

Is there anyone here who can give an account me it`s just ok to smoke once a light of day while taking diane 35?

Why dont you take similar to a stress pill or something I know that they have them because my parents rob them.

Someone help please?

You should stop by a chiropractor and also get some insightful tissue massages..that should give a hand. I have one and the same problem at times and I find that these help me most. A medical doctor could prescribe some muscle relaxers but I mull over you should try natural beneficial first and see if that helps. Make sure the chiropractor you see uses electric stimulation. That feel wonderful and seems to support relax that muscle. Hope you get better!

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