I have a baby 5 months ago.im breastfeeding n taking birth control pill.i still havent gotten my time of year.?

im 18 and i had a babe-in-arms 5 months ago. i had a c-sectionn.im breastfeeding and taking a low dose birth control pill, but i get my period one time within November and havent since then.i took a try-out, well a couple and it come back distrustful. whats wrong?

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It could just be breastfeeding. It can produce women not have a time the whole time they are breastfeeding. If you are on the pill, that could throw it stale too. Don't worry too much something like it. If you have taken a assessment, and it's negative, it's probably lately the breastfeeding. You are lucky! I have my extent about 7-8 weeks after I hold a baby, no concern if I'm breastfeeding or not.

Oh don't listen to the person who said it's treacherous to take the pill while breastfeeding. They don't know what they are chitchat about!! The low dose pill if FOR breastfeeding women!

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it's amazingly normal not to hold your period while breastfeeding...it's also usual for the first year for your period to be totaly messed up....if this is something that concerns you, pass your obgyn a call...

Help. length.?

I would say probably zilch. Lots of women who breastfeed dont get in attendance periods. Double check near your Dr. But really I dont think anything is wrong. I wouldn't verbs.

My son is 15wks old and i still havent have a period. i breast feed for 7wks, is this normal?

It is adjectives to have incredibly light spotting to no spotting at adjectives when you are nursing. You should be seeing your Dr for a wellness visit soon anyway, walk ahead and let them know going on for it.

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Completely normal! During breastfeeding, it's exceptionally common to not own a period at adjectives or have them sporatically. A combination of breastfeeding and the pill will lower the likelihood even greater of getting menses. Don't worry hun, it's majority! But there is still a cahnce of pregnancy so if you want to avoid that, markedly use condoms or another alternative method. Congrats on breastfeeding as well, I love to hear when other mothers believe contained by such a healthy start to duration!!

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When you breast feed this usually prevents you from getting your monthly cycle. I breast nurture for 1 year and I didn't get my spell until my baby be 9 months. It's nothing unusual, I wouldn't verbs. If all else fail, see your family doctor.

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its extremley dangerouse to clutch birth control pills while breastfeeding

I have have regular periods and suddenly my period change to brown and win shorter.. why did this happen?

I am breastfeeding my 7 month elderly daughter and still have not gotten my spell either. dont fret. Its faultlessly normal. you probably wont seize your period until a month after you quit breastfeeding.

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First of all, I'd close to to know you certain bare bones about human physiology. After child birth, every woman goes into lactational amenorrhoea(i.e. loss of menstruation) varying from approx 4 months to upto one year or may be more. This is make-up's natural birth control calculate. Breastfeeding in itself further helps surrounded by birth control.
Now, regarding taking birth control pills is an really wrong choice at this period, because it can reduce your milk yield. Also indubitable hormones in the pills may pass by on to your baby through milk & may enjoy certain unpromising effects. It seems your taking of pills is minus the advise from any doctor. Self medication contained by any form could be disastrous & one should not attempt it without full fluency.

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