After a d and c?

Had a d and c due to loss went to the follow up appointment and the doctor which i am not going rear legs to said the uterus was still swollen. and should return surrounded by about 3 weeks. does this come across normal. i really like the doctor but feel he over looked some serious conditions that could own prevented my loss he wasnt a high risk doctor, will see one subsequent time. anyway is swollen uterus normal or should i be in motion see someone else. after the d and c i didnt have but a days bleeding. do not want it to motivation me to never have another child

55minutes postponed?

It's normal

This doctor has (while you be asleep) scraped at the lining of your uterus.

It's going to be a short time inflamed after that - in some cases sore - and in other cases may continue to bleed up to 2 wks after the D&C

If you enjoy bad pains or if your bleeding is worsening consequently you should see a doctor for a review. There are things that can go wrong beside a D&C, but generally it is a pretty safe procedure.

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sometimes swelling is awhile in coming down
see a 2nd Dr if this will make you discern better

Please helpp?

Suction dilation and curettage — also called a D and C — is a minor surgical procedure where your doctor widens (dilates) your cervix and benignly suctions (aspirates) tissue from inside the uterus. Sometimes a long metal instrument with a loop on the conclusion (curet) is used after the suction to scrape the walls of the uterus, making sure it's void. Suction dilation and curettage is often used when an incomplete miscarriage have occurred, and some fetal or placental tissue remains inside the uterus.

Not everyone who have a miscarriage needs suction dilation and curettage. Complications resulting from a D and C are few and far between but may include damage to the connective tissue of the cervix or uterine wall, which may affect adjectives pregnancies.

Are you having increased dull pain ?
a D&C is simular procedure to an abortion and yes it can carry like risks. You may need to be checked for an infection.

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I have a D&C 6 years ago. When I was within recovery they told me to chafe my stomach from today til my followup apointment to help the uterus to contract rear to normal size. Even thou you are already passed that date, I would still mould it and make a second followup apointment equal time frame away as the first was. Then see what the doc say. Sometimes depending on what the reason be you had the D&C, sometimes in that is nothing the doctor can do. As within my case. My daughter have osteogenisis imperfecta type II. Nothing the doctor could do. NOthing I did wrong. Was just character telling me I wasn't geared up for a second child yet. What your circumstance is I don't know, but after my D&C it took almost a year and a partly before I get pregnant again. If it bothers you too much, make an apointment next to a OB/GYN who is high risk and consult to them.

Good Luck & Best wishes

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