Does anyone know what benign of exercise i can do for osteoporosis?

i am 35 and have the bones of a 80 year dated,help anyone?

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Yes, low impact exercises,swimming is excellent.Yoga is dutiful for keeping you flexible. I work out with 10-20 lb weights. They increase bone density and strengthen muscle helping to protect joint.Watch your weight.Extra weightiness puts stress on joints. I cogitate a good mattress help. I sleep on a there pedic(memory foam) mattress. A fitting nights sleep and you don't get up up all stiff and sore.

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First of all, osteoporosis is cause by a lack of osteoblasts inwardly your body. The only agency to deal next to it is by eating lots of calcium (such as milk, and leafy green vegetables), and doing strength-building excercises. Talk to your doctor or a physical therepist for a specific excercise regiment.

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Chances are if you have be diagnosed by an MD you may be on medication for you osteoporosis which weakens your bones and increases you risk for fractures. Try walking which is a great weightbearing exercise for your lower body and feathery weight training beside a professional for your upperbody. You should consult with your MD that diagnosed you earlier starting any exercise program.

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An important factor for someone near severe osteoporosis is prevention of injury. You'll have to be drastically careful to avoid situations surrounded by which you could fall. For example, remove adjectives throw rugs from your home, or if you feel some are basic, be sure to tape them down deeply well so your foot doesn't return with caught on an upturned edge. Hold onto railing when going up or down stairs. Use your seat belt. Try not to stir out in the rime and snow without any a cane or someone to comfort you walk across the most treacherous areas. Watch where on earth you're going; make sure your shoes fit economically; be leery of wearing flip flops or clogs unless you're sure you can keep them on. Avoid sports that may injure you, resembling skiing, sledding, etc..

I hope you're getting treatment for your osteoporosis and see some good results soon.

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Your best treatment is medication if you are able to transport it. Here is what I take:
Even though I enjoy insurance, it is more convenient to get it from in that. It is a once weekly pill.

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You involve to do weight-bearing exercises to increase muscle mass and bone density. The weights don't have to be, and shouldn't be, outstandingly heavy. I approaching to choose that weight that permit me to do 15-20 repetitions per set.

A good workout consists of three to five sets, alternating pushing and pulling exercises, working every muscle group (abs, chest, shoulders, upper wager on, lower back, arms, legs).

Do that three times a week, making sure you go and get aerobic and flexibility workouts in too. Consult your doctor for calcium supplement guidance.

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Double your calcium and do some restrained weight lifting and cardio.

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