Is it not dangerous to eat one can of chunk fluffy tuna while breastfeeding?

Is it ok to eat it once a week every week or should I be consumption two cans a month?

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Because it has be proven tuna contains mercury, the FDA warns against feed to children younger than 6 years of age, and only once a month. Since you are breastfeeding, I would put away some other fish, not tuna. Please read this link from a elected representatives site about the risks of ingestion tuna.

I thought I did give a serious answer. Do not guzzle it because of the mercury that is contained by it.

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if I be you I wouldn't eat it at adjectives

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Yes fish is very robust. Try fresher fish though it is better. i ate alot of tuna with both of my children, pregnant and breast feed.

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Watch the sharp edges around the can when your eating it though.

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OK this put somebody through the mill con fusses me...why wouldn't it be OK?
eat six can tuna is good for you...unless your not taking it out of the can??...Lets

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At first I be going to answer WHY not?
but you got silly
You could drink a tuna sandwitch every day and Mac cheese & tuna every darkness and any well balenced collation.
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Obviously some people aren't greatly aware of mercury in fish. But, depending on how far into breastfeeding should variety the difference... But to be safe, I'd probably incredibly rarely devour it, especially since tuna has such a illustrious concentration of it- or just not at adjectives for the time until you baby doesn't rely on you to breastfeed. If you want to get through fish, eat small fish, not big hobby fish. [i.e. if its a fish that eats other fish, don't put away it].
But good luck, I don't ruminate it'd be too bad, but I'd can`t stand to chance it.

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