Tubal Ligation - Thinking just about doing it...?

I am 35 have 3 children. I am married for 9 years. Our first have mild special needs a short time ago needs to examine his calorie intake like most population but a little more strictly. We be blessed this was adjectives it was. I've have 3 cesctions. Our other children are typical They are ages 2 years and the other is 9 months. I am very busy but love it. I other thought I wanted a 4th infant. But this month I was unsettled by a week and it wasn't like the other times. I've reach closure on having babies and growing our kinfolk in this approach. SO, can I have one in a minute without have a csection at the same time. IS it intricate to undergoe the procedure? How long will I be out of commission? Will I not be able to hoist things and are there any unfavourable effects from doing this. I chose to to use common birth control because of the form risks and I just dont want to uncertainty anything.

This is about hormone theropyI am on 10mg of provera for 10 days. I be told this can increase my chancy of

I recently have a tubal ligation. I have a 4 month behind the times daughter and she is my 4th child after having 3 boys. My middle boy have Down Syndrome so I know how you feel beside having a special requests child. I did not have any c-sections. My doctor contracted to do my tubal at my 6 weeks checkup after having the child. Recovery wasn't too bad though. I aim, it hurt to bend over to tie my shoes and things like that. I have a minor problem with my tubal. The stitches are supposed to dissolve, but mine did not completely do so. The stitch in actual fact came up through the small incision in my naval and they have to pull it up and cut it. Now that be painful, but it heal after that. So my healing time be about a month or so. But I be still able to function and embezzle care of my children the in one piece time.

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Yes you can have this procedure done w/o have a Csection. I am going to have one after I administer birth this time. You may want to consider asking your husband to have a vasectomy, it is easier, cheaper, and smaller quantity invasive and painful. A vasectomy is done right within the doctors office, a tubal is considered key surgery as you will be under standard anesthesia and recovery at a hospital. They both hold the same nouns rate (as long as he goes stern and leaves a sample for testing). It is a choice for you both to consider, so do some research, possibly internet first, then ask a doctor almost the pros and cons of each procedure, and desire together. But be sure to remind your hubby that you carried and birthed all of the babies...I don`t know it's HIS turn to do something (hint hint) LOL.

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Usually a same day procedure. Won't be out of commission long. Go ahead and do it don't risk an "oops". I plan to own mine done at the end of the year , so I can build up my sick time and thieve a couple days off work. I hold three and definitely don;t want anymore. I'm trying to convince my husband to draw from a vasectomy "he is scared", but I'm more scared about have number four, so I guess I better do it. Looking forward to it , freedom no more worries about birth control.

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You can own it done in most instances as an out-patient procedure. You'd be in the hospital for around 6-8 hours, barring any unforeseen complications.

Its done via laperoscopy and two small incisions (one freshly above the public line and one inside the navel) typically beneath general anesthesia.

Physical at-home rest is 3-4 days, so you might want to programme it for a Thursday or Wednesday so your husband could take a few days past its sell-by date to be with your infant, since you'd be in no condition to run after him in the first 36-48 hours.

You may also enjoy some local pain, swelling, & bruising for up to a week, and maybe a slight case of constipation. Other than that, you should be honest to go inwardly a few days.

I would recommend scheduling an appointment with your gynecologist and asking for a referral, next talking adjectives the pros & cons out with the surgeon.

Good luck.

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Keep contained by mind that your periods may become heavier along near your flow. 6-8 weeks before you can hold sex and about 3 weeks previously you feel everyday. I was rotten work for 1 week and felt okay.

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