I'm 36. Uterine fibroids and ovarian cyst....?

No one in my family ever have such disease. My ob/gyn was recommend hysterctomy including ovaries and cervix.
My biggest fibroids is 7 cm, other two are around 3 cm. My cyst is 2.2cm. Except being anemic, I don't hold other problems. I can't tell what will affect my adjectives life by doing total hysterctomy.The second assessment is just to go ovaries.

How could they say so trouble-free? I don't think I want to own children, (never had children) but castorating should not be treated that smooth.

So hard to take DIFFERENT ob/gyn appointment or finding the right one in this small state.

When I told my doc in the region of just removing "fibroids and cysts" he said "BUT IT might come hindmost, so hysterctomy is an option,you don't want children, simply to let you know."

Well, I am childlike, and am worried about estrogen patch, outcome contained by the next 10+ years etc.

WHY women's mental & true psysical vigour won't be forcused even more by knowing hysterctomy is #1 performed operation?

No one care?

Im pregnant but no symptoms?

I had a fibroid and some ovarian cysts copious years ago. I had a Myomectomy. This is the surgical removal of ONLY the fibroid and the cysts. They own much less invasive ways of doing it today(my be done 23 years ago). Just because you may not have children, doesn't expect you have to opt giving up your uterus. Keep your ovaries, if at adjectives possible. Some of these things take years to grow. If they remove them in a minute, and more do appear later contained by your life, menopause across the world will make them shrink. It's really your judgment...If you are prone to cancer, removal of the organs is usually a good method to go. If not, hold on to them!

What is the ring?

If you hold your ovaries removed, this will plunge you into menopause, which can be controlled with medication. On the other mitt, there's no damage in waiting, as the fibroids and cysts aren't cancerous. They might be hurting though (you're the ultimate believe to be here). The important entity to remember is that at this point it is an option. The fibroids and cysts are small - I'd keep on if I were you.

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