Ladies i necessitate your help to answer this sound out about gym nouns smart women?

i am a 16 year old feminine who got personal training but the problem is that this guy did the following
1. cheated me session showed me te same stuff over an over
2. sometimes when ethnic group flirt its just a jape countied to flirt with me and nevr stopped
3. never took my measurment we have 9 session supposed to take them every three session with the sole purpose took the once
4. i was trying to lose consignment a unheatly way and found out i told him i needed a break but come by week by week for just to check on me and would enunciate things likei have alien clinets my slots are filled
5. I panic to get them done
6. I stayed next to him in anxiety because this guy is very hot tempered
7. he call me lazy and said i dont work complex on are last session which be yesteray which made me upset and cry and that usally isnt me my mom called and spoke beside a sales counselour who will catch back near the fitness manger

my question is can this guy gain fired can i get my money rear what can i do is more of the question

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For starters. I other tell inhabitants you have the right to donate people if you are discomfited with the service they are providing. You should own not stayed with him to inaugurate with if he be that much of an . You do have the right to a settlement but it might only be for the classes that you get cheated on. Make a time-line of all of the incidents that occur and what occurred. Discuss what be not done i.e. not taking your measurements. Tell them about his immoral behavior (flirting) and when it happened. If he is much elder then you very well that can be sexual harassment of a minor. Discuss this near your mother and the management I am sure you can get a decent agreement. Next time stick up for yourself RIGHT WAY! You are 16 you will be dealing beside a lot of idiots approaching this for the rest of your life. You enjoy to know how to deal near them now!

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Take him to small claims court and be truthful.

Odd agony down below?

Guess I'm confused as to what your real press is. Do you still want to go to this gym? Is it a secure and you could switch to one on the other side of town. I guess you could say you be harrassed but it sounds like you be getting into it with him too. Although you provided alot of information, I'm still confused as to what you're trying to do. But I do know its tricky to get your money rear legs from these gyms. Its like getting money from the mob.

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