Tubal Ligation?

Is a tubal ligation revesable? I had mine done near my last toddler. They were done due to medical reason. I so badly want another newborn. Mine are 3 years and 4 months. I cry about this adjectives the time. I regret deeply what I done. The medical reason being: Hypothyroidism and my history of person overweight. Also, I had gestational diabetes beside my last pregnancy. I have both problem free pergnancys with both my kids. You would hold thought I done everything right. I ate out alot with both of them and I smoked near my first until I was 5 months. It be a bad need to break, but I did. Started up after I had her. They both come out perfectly full-bodied with apgars score of 7 and 9 (duaghter) and 9 and 9 (son). Both being big babys to. Taylor be 9 lb 6 oz and Ethan was 9 lb 3 oz. I want another kid. Can somebody please give me any info on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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A tubal ligation is sterilization....I think you know that. There be obvious reason why you signed that consent form...your health be in jeopardy. With big babies close to that, it's possible for you to convert from gestational diabetes to the real item. The problem with trying reverse a tubal is that, depending on hwo it be done, scar tissue will own been created in the ends of the tubes. The method doctors try, is to put a silastic tubing into the fallopian tube ends and try to join them up...the complication next to this is when ectopic pregnancies occur. The egg get fertilized in the silastic tubing which doesn't expand and the fetus can't grow.
Most physicians won't even attempt this. You hold two precious children and God blessed you with them. They involve Mom to help them grow up so don't do anything that would lift their mom away from them.

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go see your dr. alot of times it is just hooking the tube pay for up, sounds like here are some health issues that you involve to take concern of so that your able to brand name sure that you have preg. and are competent to take watchfulness of the other childern during and after that time

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I too had my tubes tied concluding april, shortly after my husband died because i didnt think self ever want anymore children...HOWEVER, i met someone new and am planning on getting married to him subsequent May and am in duplicate predicament...BUT...I know that i will NEVER be able to find pregnant the NATURAL way EVER again and i give attention to you know that too which iw why you are so upset.......HOWEVER, there ARE ways of "getting pregnant" even though your tubes are tied...look into Invitro Fertilazation ( where on earth they take eggs out of you (just produce your tubes are tied doesnt mean you dont still ovulate) and sperm from your partner and fertilize them contained by a perti dish or "test tube" and consequently insert them into you)...i wouldnt risk getting your tubes UNTIED because just resembling the one person said going on for ectopic pregnancies..with that, not solitary would you lose the baby, youd failure up losing the tube as well and later youd be really screwed...Not only that, but, after you have the baby, what would you do for birth control? call a halt up getting them tied AGAIN?!?! Look into Invitro if you REALLY want another baby...not single will you NOT have to verbs about burth control afterwards, you wont own to worry roughly speaking the health risks of have an ectopic...

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Dr. Gary Berger have performed nearly 6000 tubal reversal procedures. It is practical to have Dr. Berger review the operative and pathology reports from your sterilization, so you may want to fax your files to him at 919-967-8637. But Dr. Berger is able to repair the tubes within 98% of patients who go to him for surgery. It is impressive to be in the best condition possible prior to any elective surgery and prior to pregnancy. If your hypothyroidism and diabetes are well-controlled, these medical issues will probably not prevent you from having surgery. However, it is other best for you and your baby to top smoking!

Contrary to what someone else posted, silastic tubing is NOT used when Dr. Berger repairs the tubes. The portion of the tube that have been tatty by the sterilization is removed by Dr. Berger and healthy tubal segment are reattached so that the tube is open and can function for pregnancy to crop up. Although there is an increased risk for a tubal pregnancy any time the tubes hold been operate on, the most likely scenario is for the pregnancy to bud in the uterus. Since in that is a risk of a tubal pregnancy, we follow you closely after you become pregnant so that early pregnancy monitoring can be done. Diagnosed precipitate, a tubal pregnancy can be treated medically, avoiding health issues and preventing you from losing your tube.

There are two option for women who have have a sterilization to become pregnant: 1) reversal surgery and, 2) IVF. Performed by an expert like Dr. Berger, pregnancy rates are around 75% near the reversal. Pregnancy rates with IVF are fairly low (around 28%), so most women will need to jump through 2 - 3 cycles of IVF to achieve pregnacy. The cost for reversal surgery at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center is $5900 while the cost of IVF is around $10,000 - $20,00 for respectively cycle! For most women, tubal reversal surgery is the safest, most successful, and least expensive route for having a kid after a tubal ligation.

Dr. Berger offers a free DVD of the tubal reversal procedure. If you are interested, it can be ordered on our website at www.tubal-reversal.lattice.

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Yes "Zuber" Tubal Ligation is reversible, This procedure is known as Tubal Anastomosis or more commonly as a 'TR'

If you hold this procedure done by a specialist microsurgeon the probability of your one, or both, fallopian tubes being restored to the extent that you can become pregnant is extremely illustrious.

The other issues are not insurmountable either: lose mass, give up smoking, and monitor your diabetes if and when you become pregnant.

There is some truth in bflogal77's to some extent negative response e.g. tubal reversal patients do stipulation to monitor early pregnancy for a slightly increased destiny of ectopic (caught in the tube) pregnancy, and most physicians do not enjoy the experience to attempt this operation, but if you work closely with a sympathetic local doctor and enjoy the TR done by an experienced specialist surgeon you chances of becoming pregnant are not greatly reduced by the ligation than they would enjoy been otherwise.

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