Ok so ladies i want to tell my ma that i necessitate to go to the doctor, if you know wat i be determined but wat should i say



well planned parent hood is near 4 u an d u dont need a parent

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Its cool that you want to tell your mom. A lot of women dont want to natter to their moms at all so kodos.

Tell her
" hey mom some friends of mine at conservatory were chitchat about their monthly cycles, and they said that their doctors told them that once you 'start' you involve to have anual pap smears. Tell her you want to jump see the doctor becuase a responsible women knows her body... =-)
Give it a shot!
If you are refering to need birth control....... then it depends on how approachable you and your mom are! You can always stir to the doctor and when they are doing your exam ask while your mom isnt in there.
OR you can recount her that your period are so irregular the merely thing the dr perscribe is birth control..... Im not sure surrounded by this department, because I went to planned parent hood!
Trust me if you are young at heart, you dont want kids yet they are hecka complex! =-)

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If you aren't feeling powerfully, let your mom know this and that you would approaching to go to the dr to look surrounded by to what is causing you to not have a feeling well. Pls don't be afraid to be honest next to your mom about the symptoms if you aren't notion well.

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