If a person hasn't started their length can you have and orgasm and how?

Question just about going on the pill?

Yep it's true, you can O before you ever go and get your period. An orgasm is cause strictly by stimulating nerves- those nerves don't suddenly change when you enjoy your period. When I be curious, I went to Borders (book store) by myself and started looking at books on the subject (I only read them but never bought them). I would assume the local library doesn't offer those types of books so you probably inevitability to go to the shopping arcade.

I'm really scared, whats wrong beside me?

having your period have nothing to do beside sexual pleasure. and as far as how... explore, thats what puberty is about. and everyone is different nearby isnt ONE way to own an orgasm you just own to teach yourself what feel good.

Pain in bottom of right breast?

I don't remember have an orgasm when I was that babyish, but I remember 'exploring' and it felt apposite. I think that age you don't really know your body capably enough to create an orgasm. Some adults don't even know how to procure one!

Does the birth control pill work effectively for ALL women?

having ur period doesn't enjoy to do anything with have and orgasim, it is two very different things.

My breast?

I remember mastrabating when I be like 6, and I used to orgasm adjectives the time, is that wierd ? ha ha so no I don't htink it has to do beside your period, I didn't even know what be happening after, I just know it felt suitable

How do you figure out when you bring back your period bu using the integral math and calendar thing??

i started masturbating beforehand i started my period and i do orgasm

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