Constant yeast infection? Why oh Why?

Over the past few years I hold had a yeast infection that never seem to quit. I have have it treated by doctors several times, as well as done home treatments. Doctors enjoy not been competent to give me an answer that satifys me as to why this is going on and what I can do about it. I hold also been tested for adjectives sexual diseases, including HIV, but have be completely clean.
I don't really enjoy a lot of itching or discomfort, although sometimes it can flare up. My discharge tend to always be funky and discolored, but does not own an odor. Another clue I have is that I will recurrently pass the infection on to my boyfriend if we don't you a condom. Yeck!
What am I doing wrong? I wear roomy pant, cotton underwear. I eat lots of yougurt. I dry the nouns carefully after every shower.
Could it be because I thieve birth control? What other ideas do you peep have almost what could be causing this, or what I can do to prevent this?

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I use to experience a lot and its more frustrating later anything else. What i have dont to not own this problem for the past 2 years is I go to walmart and bought NON SCENTED GARLIC pills.((you will take one a time.. give it in the order of a week and you should be able to see the difference) My doctor suggested this and it have worked for the past 2 years. I hope this will relief you.
Good Luck

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You need to cut yeast from your diet. Your body is getting too much from somewhere. Do this and you will be amazed at the difference. you're doing adjectives the right things so far, but make sure the yoghurt you're consumption has live cultures contained by it and try also inserting some on a tampon.

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Excessive cleaning makes you a short time ago as prone as keeping it dirty.

Have you been tested for diabetes? Diabetics tend to enjoy a high rate of infection because of their fluctuating conditions.

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too much sugar in you diet can motive them.

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I looked it up and the link I provided might assistance you. Has the answers to your exact question. Hope it help!

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Several things could organize to yeast infections...
douching could make you more susceptible to infection...
If you do that recurrently, it could be a problem...

If you're athletic, shower and dry off as soon as possible to get rid of wetness in that nouns.
If you wear underwear to bed, you should probably cut that out as well...

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change ur T.P. i found that Charmin doesnt agree with me...hold avoided it and have have no problems since. gl with the prob...hold ur doc change ur meds as ably.

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I had a constant yeast infection until I stopped using Tampax Pearl if you use them, I suggest stopping.

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yeast infections are deeply common, In my kith and kin it has something to do near a T cell. I used to get them 24/7 I Finlay found a doc who told me not to use soap in the vaginal nouns, Use hand and sea, after show do not rub dry pat or use hair dryer on cool setting. There is also a Herb you can buy explicitly made for yeast in stomach and other areas of the body, it is call Acidophilus. Also avoid perfumed toilet serious newspaper and sanitary supplies

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I'm in the same boat and it's really getting prehistoric. I used to do monistat after monistat, all to no avail. I go to the Doctor and told him this yeast overgrowth can't be controlled. It's not a true infection, actually, it's basically an overgrowth of the natural flora that's generally found in the vagina. Anyway, hormones can make happen it. So, yes, it could be the birth control pills. I'm going through menopause and since that is a hormonal adjustment, I'm constantly battle the yeast. Another cause is diabetes. Just to be on the undamaging side, get tested to rule it out.
I believe it's the hormones, though. Probably if you switch to an alternative birth control method not involving hormones, the problem may go away. Until later, treatment can get costly if you own to repeat the anti-fungals like monistat. I enjoy found something equally effective at a fraction of the cost. Buy some monistat of late to have the plastic applicators. Get some plain unflavored yogurt near live active cultures. This is going to nouns a bit bizzare, but it works. Take a straw and fill the applicators next to yogurt. Wrap in foil and freeze. Every two or three days, seize one out and insert it. Naturally it won't come out easily because of it anyone frozen. When you take it out, simply warm it within your hands or go it sit out until it's a little melt (just enough for it to be plunged). It's thinner than monistat so right when you insert it, you'll enjoy to go to bed. The yeast HATE the yogurt and also the cold. But, I find the cold comforting and not at adjectives uncomfortable. If you don't want to try this, your Doctor can cart a culture and see exactly what type of yeast you have. Sometimes clear in your mind yeast are resistant to over the counter creams, in which travel case he/she would give you a prescription for something different/stronger.
Hope this help!

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There are many cause of yeast infection-

-Antibiotic treatments
-Oral contraceptives
-Hot weather or non-ventilating clothing, which increase moisture and warmth, fostering fungal growth
-Repeated intercourse over a short interval of time
-Suppressed immune system (including HIV)
-High carbohydrate intake, especially refined sugars and alcohol
-irritants such as soaps, powders, trial detergents and other products

One of the treatments include an antibiotic pill such as Diflucan (you need prescription for this), or an over-the-counter cream or suppository such as GyneLotrimin or Monistat.

-Eat a hanging diet.
-Get enough sleep.
-If you jump swimming, get out of your swimsuit as soon as possible.
-Don't wear pad or panty-liners beyond the length of your interval.
-Don't use deodorant tampons.
-Avoid feminine deodorant sprays and douches. They irritate the vulva and vaginal areas.
-Wipe from front to back after urination and bowel movement.

Hope this help and hope you feel better.....

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Are you on oral antibiotics frequently? That is a adjectives cause. The BCPs are probably not the culprit. Try totalling plenty of yogurt and dairy into your diet. Also, try to eat a well-balanced diet.
Do not wear tight war clothing, and make sure your underwear fits properly (not too tight, not too loose) and that you uphold excellent hygiene.

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hey, i thought i suffered from yeast infections too throughout my 20's and 30's, but i found and i yes did have them from time to time but most of the time i didnt. what i found be a few things. no. 1 was that it be a contact dermititis. i would get so itchy from using regular soaps and not using lubercation when i have sex. talking roughly sex, that was another problem. are you dry. i found out that i enjoy more, i think , progestrorone(?). it make me drier. with this i own thicker discharges. the discharge is whitish and smells like freestyle acid, conceivably more acidy. so being dry and have sex made more area more untouched and more subseptible to allergic rections to soaps and powders. another thing is if you shave close, that make you more apt to get itchy. i know you said you dont receive itchy but maybe you own a thicker discharge like me and other thought it was yeast infections. presently im close to 40 and finally figuered it out. lubricate, no soap(feminine soaps only) and thicker discharge. maybe this is you!

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