Orgasm and cramps?

only after i have an orgasm i own sharp pain approaching cramps i have an I.U.D contained by and im wondering if maybe it have something to do with that?

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I would influence yes, it is caused by the IUD. I have a lot of cramping next to mine as well. The Dr finally have to remove it, because it just become too uncomfortable.

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go to the doctor for criminy sakes

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What's an IUD? It's plainly that the foreign object is cause that pain.


I'm not a Doctor or anything, but it could be plausible that your IUD is cause your post-orgasm cramping. After all, during orgasm the woman's uterus contracts rhythmically. During these contractions perchance your IUD is irritating the lining of your uterus cause these cramps? But I would say your best bet would be to speak beside your gynecologist or primary care physician.

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totally average, your uterus contracts when you have an orgasm and that is to say the cause for the cramping, however if the affliction is severe or persistent, beckon a nurse line or your doctor. It could be other symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy or infection.

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I have cramps after my orgasms too. When you hold an orgasm your cervix is contracting and your IUD is against the contracting. My cramps usually go away after a few minutes or so but if they don't , walk to your Dr. and see what she recommends. This nouns weird but when I am cramping discouraging, I squat for 30 seconds. It relaxes your muscle and it retains its form in your body.

Good Luck!

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After an orgasm your uterus will spasm, possibly for a short time while. This is to lower your cervix into any semen that may be in your vagina so it has a better adjectives to reach an egg surrounded by the uterus or fallopian tubes.

These contractions may be causing your IUD to press on the wall of your uterus. Did you own these pains when you didn't have your IUD? Since this is satisfactory to bother you enough to ask, you should see your gynecologist. I would conjure up you are not the only woman who have had this problem.

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yes. when experiencing orgasm, blood concentrates in that nouns causing inflammation. the iud is placed in an nouns that has self-assurance endings that when come contained by contact with the device it creates cramp.

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