Questions almost Menopause?

Hi. This may be a very peculiar questions for someone my age to ask. I am 24 years behind the times and a mother of two. But this is something that I never asked my own mother and never really asked anyone untill now.

I know that menopause is when your interval stops and you stop ovulating. But is there anything besides those 2 things that appear? And does it last years?

Also my mother go through menopause at 43 years old and she become very, massively depressed and anxious. To the point where she almost have a nervous break down. After menopause be over her nerves got better. She blames menopause for her sudden mental status. Do you believe explicitly what caused it?

If so why? What are adjectives of the symptoms of menopause and how long does it last? And 1 other cross-examine. Can you still have orgasm's after you turn through menopause?

Thank you for your answers!

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I'm 47 and started going through it about 3 years ago. It seem that everyone is different, most will agree on the hot flashes though. My own mother had a really tough time going through this phase. She have a mental breakdown and screamed at us alot, later would cry. Everyone is different, and they handle the symptoms differently. Mostly mine is the hot flashes. You surface like stripping every inch of clothes sour to try and cool down. As fast as it comes, it go. I am a very giant spirited person. Though a few days I might consistency depressed, I usually bounce right back. There are some that can not do this though. I'm within to the herbal teas and supplements, which seem to oblige, but remember your vitamins. I don't care for the side effects of the hormonal therpy. And don't tolerate a doctor tell you that you can't obtain preg. at this time. I skip maybe 5-6 period before I own one. Sometimes heavy and others I spot. My loved ones doctor said after 6 mths had go passed, I probaby wouldn't get preg. and most feasible wouldn't have another extent. WRONG. If I had listen, I probably would have infant now as I get my period in the region of a month after he said this. My baby is immediately 18 and to start over isn't what I want. My husband & I are enjoying our grandchildren right very soon. I think as long as you draw from a period inside a years time, you are considered pre-menopause and this can last reasonably a few years. We joke beside my mom that her's lasted my together childhood and teenage years. It adjectives comes down to your body and personality. I am the babe girl of our family. My sister 8 years elder than I just started this year. So everything vary. As for your last examine..... I think sex, emotion, and companionship gets better. Mine still works, and near no kids around, we are more carefree. It's terrific!

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Every woman has a different experience. Some own depression, anxiety, hot flashes. Crazy hormones can make you touch like your mind is no longer your own. Some women hold to get assist. The doctor can test for hormone level. A B-Complex vitamin can help a LOT beside the hormonal "crazies." Some women experience NOTHING.

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seems like years AND years. Hot flashes the biggest and really merely thing i notice. One minute your freezing and turning up the heat, after you have to overt the window and capture naked to cool rotten, lol. as for your last grill...........mine still works.

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I've be reading up a lot on menopause and hormones.

our hormones can become so out of whack, I'm not surprised at your mother's criticism.

fortunately, there are lots of things you and your mother can do. read up on bio-identical, NATURAL hormone replacement. There are numerous books on the subject. Then find a forward-thinking practitioner implicit you for help.

Do NOT agree to your doctor put you on synthetic hormones! Be proactive in your vigour care!

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Hi, I am 42 and have started Menopause a moment or two early. There are a quantity of symptoms besides the moodiness. There are lovely hot flashes! Fortunately mine are mild right now. I surface like my skin is afire and I have to cool down or touch like I might slip away out but I don't have a hallucination and for me there is vastly little persperation. Then my periods aren't incredibly regular anymore. I am experiencing breast tenderness more than usual around my interval and for a longer time. Sometimes they are soft and hurt and other times as hard as a rock and hurt. I am not trying to upset you because it's all roughly speaking being prepared...within other words, if someone thinks they are going into menopause, I would support dressing in layers for making cooling stale easier, and since you cannot predict when your period is going to start, be prepared for that. Buying a worthy support bra that isn't too tight but firm enough to keep hold of breasts from sagging will relieve some of the discomfort. Whatever you normally purloin for pain for your time, keepby hand. Keeping tissues on foot for times that crying seems to dry-clean over you helps too. I hang on to chocolate around more now for raise my endorphines and I exercise more which is one of the best ways to combat symptoms. There are medications and horomone dream therapy available for more severe symptoms. Also, you can have sex and orgasm merely as before, although the moodiness, depression, and times of niggle can make sex smaller amount than appealing. I recommend seeing a doctor about any concerns and medication for the depression and such. My doctor, a female, said that she have read that menopausal symptoms can last as long as 10 years. Always speech to an d be open beside your doctor about any concerns.

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