Water Orgasm..?

ok, my friend told me about a process to have an orgasm surrounded by the shower. she said that she turns the nozzel so its just a stream of marine and lays down on the shower floor and lets the hose down pound on her.. you know. i want to know if this is a normal entry to do and if its like, safe and sound and if anyone has tried anything resembling that and if it works.
sounds weird i know.
and gross.

When will it break?

its not gross...if you dont suppose forms of masturbation are gross.
Its safe Ive done it until that time...and actually deeply enjoyable. I hold used the shower...but hot tub jets work freshly as well...

Gardasil-early/late-what will occur?

lol it actually nouns pretty cool. can i watch?

I stipulation some girls to answer this one!!?

Works like a charm :)

Please HELP!?

never hear of that unless she is masterbating while the water is flowing (I'm guessing here)

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lots of women do it, and it works.
i caught my wife doing it loads of times.

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yeah, she was right it works


it feel so good try it girlfriend

What is wrong beside me? Have any other women experienced this?

it works great. i have used the jet on a hot tub b4

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it works

Any item besides a &d i can use?

It is normal to play around and find out what make you feel obedient and yes, it works.

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I've done it a couple of times and trust me it works. I thought it be only me who have tried it but now I know near lots of other women who've done it too.

Girls only?

whatever tickles your g-spot.i freshly liked reading the grill,details and some of the answers.but somebody's gonna flag this question because they will be "offended" grow up family!

Just shaved(lady's only)?

sounds great for fore-play, call me when you're in place.

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It is clean fun! I own a hand held hose massager works great, sometimes it is so intense I feel similar to I could pass out,lol.I love it ,try it and see, you can also stand up.

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It feel really good.

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its not gross. an orgasm just by doing nil but laying at hand? definitely rocks!

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