Endometriosis cross-question?

i was told that i enjoy endo a couple of months ago during pap.
no laser test be done. doc just said give somebody a lift oral contraceptives and that was it. i suffer for 6 months while on the pill next to longer periods, cramping, headache, etc. i was fine since she told me this. i suffer minimal cramps and no other problems. i feel i be dianosed incorrectly. i stopped taking the pill and i feel great. is it possible that i be incorrectly diagnosed. my problems with vigour began after the pill and stopped when i quit them!

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Your doctor is 100% wrong. Endometriosis cannot be confirmed via a pap. It requires a surgical diagnosis wherein aberrant endometrial glands and stroma can be histologically confirmed (and in some cases, even visualized as well). Pap smears check for atypical squamous cell change. They look for the presence of abnormal cervical dysplasia or other, more invasive processes, which may thereby organize to additional conducting tests and appropriate treatment. While Endometriosis can indeed be present on the cervix, it is not diagnosed or treated through the Papanicolaou. The atypia found in an abormal Pap refers to the changes found within cells scraped stale the surface of the cervix in vocabulary of dysplasia, etc. - NOT Endo.

If you had no symptoms prior but very soon experience issues on the pill, don't take them. You undeniably have be incorrectly diagnosed, misled, and mistreated. You need to seize a new doc ASAP. Here are some functional links which might be of use to you:

(Includes a self test that you can review next to a real doctor who doesn't incorrectly diagnose patients and push drug treatment on them)
(to get feedback from thousands of others who can recognize your situation)
(find a new doc)

Good luck to you.

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I was diagnosed next to endometriosis many years ago after going through several test. One was call a hysteriosalpingogram and they inserted a tube to look inside and actually see where on earth it had attached to my ovaries.
Maybe your doc is doesn't want to do testing? Hummmmmm...
If I be you, Hon, I would get a second inference.
Good Luck.

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If you don't have any pain and if you don't bleed filling or all the time you probably don't hold endometriosis. I have it and enjoy pain almost adjectives the time and my periods second 10-16 days.Don't take birth control pills if you don't involve to. You should get a second belief.

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If you aren't having problems near endo then here is no reason to lug the pill. Its possible it was freshly not the right version for you, not the right combo of hormones. But you really don't inevitability it. Endo might cause problems then on with fertility which can usually be treated beside laser surgery. A pap showed this? I don't see how that could happen. Get a 2nd belief.

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Endometriosis can't be found during a pap. The solitary way to give an account if you have Endo is by your sypmtoms or surgery. I would speak that if going off the pill have stopped all the impossible sides effects then don't pilfer them any more, but I think you should appointment and talk to the doctor who prescribed them to you so they know what happen while you were on them.

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