Do I own a Tipped/Tilted Uterus or Endometriosis?

I've been have sex for 4 years now, and I cannot soak up it or get the big "O" because it's scratchy when my boyfriend thrushes in philosophical. I get horrible cramps when it's that time of the month. I also cramp up after sex. Is it possible that I hold a Tilted Uterus or Endometriosis? Are either of those heritable? It's extremely painful for me to use tampons, and I catch UTI's often. When I steal out a tampon, my vagina is so tight it hurts to take it out! it's adjectives dry and it hurts really really bad. Please serve! does anyone else experience this?

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It is possible to have both. Some women near Endo have a retroverted or anteflexed uterus; other women near Endo do not. Still others have a tilted uterus, but no Endo.

Tilted uterus, within either direction, is extremely adjectives and usually does not cause any issues contained by terms of fertility, etc. Endo, instead, can cause adjectives the things you mention and sounds more like your symptoms are unambiguously due to Endometriosis.

Endo is hereditary; women next to a relative who also has Endo have a 6x greater risk of having the disease herself. There is greatly of info located here, which I think you will find invaluable in jargon of understanding the disease and obtain advice for best treating it:

Hope that help; good luck.

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Endo can cause adjectives of the above things that you listed. I know because I also suffer from Endo and enjoy had alike issues w/ pain and cramping. Also Endo can run in family so it is possible that your sister, or mother could have it. If you enjoy not been see by a doctor it's time to make an appt. I enjoy been on adjectives types of birth control to help w/ that time of the month and I also cart pain meds for the doomed to failure cramping. I also use heating pad at work and at home to help relieve some of the cramping. I would also ask your doc if using tampons during your spell is safe if you do hold Endo. My doctor told me not to use them sine I found out I have it.

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