Loss of appetite, fatigue and some nausia?

I just finished up near a horrible flu this weekend. Now out of no where I own been getting nausia, fatigue and complete loss of appetite. The nausia be back and forth second night and i finally threw up what be in my stomach finishing night. I get the impression pretty fatigued today and again no appetite. I am not pregnant, currently on birth control. Is there anything I can gain or do to fix this?

Condoms ????

You may well own a bug on the back of the flu. Make sure you steal extra precautions with birth control...vomiting and upset stomachs can affect the reliability of the pill.

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Your symptoms might be left over from the few. Give it a couple days of rest to relief your body fully recover. Drink some tea, devour some chicken soup and snuggle in bed next to a good book or TV for the light of day and relax. Recovery should come soon.


you probably thought that you were done next to the flu and were really only just having that breaking interval in between the flu where on earth you feel fine up to that time you get hit next to the end of the storm so ride it and see if it subsides...if it doesnt i be set to it could be the flu maybe you shouldnt mix flu medication wth the pill caused some type of counterattack to that but i'd wait more or less a week to see if the flu is really truely over and then a short time ago ask a doc

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