How do i return with my period stopped after have a tubal ligation?

I had my tubes tied almost 5 years ago. Since then i hold had period every 2 to 3 weeks, it varies. I hold no schedule to my term, which makes it complex to plan intimate activities. I am getting married in a few months and would similar to to know that i am not going to be on my period, on the nuptials date. So how do i get my spell stopped? I assume that i cannot take BC pills, since i hold had a tubal. I am 34, smoke, and hold family history of stroke and heart attack.

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Unfortuantely the lone way to stop it is to use hormones such as BCpills. Your risk factor are really high really making that not an picking. Talk to your physician about this. There may be modern stuff on the market that could aid.

Good luck!

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you seem to be to have alot of risk factor. talk to your Gynecologist going on for your symptoms as they don't seem commonplace. have test done to ensure that your hormone and thyroid levels are not "out of whack".
congrats on the nuptials.

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