Can you still catch the HPV vaccine if you're not a virgin?


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Absolutely! Doctors recommend women get the HPV vaccine sometime since they're 26. It won't cure the virus if you currently have it, nor will it cure cervical cancer, but Guardasil will give support to PREVENT future HPV outbreaks and possibly give support to prevent cervical cancer.

Unless you've had innumerable partner and lots of unprotected sex, you should be golden to get the HPV vaccine.

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yeah, but it wont cure an HPV infection if you already hold it.... but there are copious strains and it can prevent infection from additional strains so it still does hold benefits. talk to your doc going on for it next time you see him/her. the businessman's website probabaly has info on it as in good health

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You can but they are not recommend it can carry HPV for years and years and not know you enjoy it, so whats the point in vaccination if it hide in your blood stream until it decide to surface, if it does. Also HPV can be cured on it's own. I was diagnosed beside HPV 4 yrs ago when they really had no clue what it be, but no trace of it since then. It is a virus that cause genital warts, because it is within the warts own flesh and blood, and can cause internal wart along the cervix. I wouldn't even recommend the vaccine so much if you are a virgin, as HPV is transmitted via skin to skin contact. So if you ever used a tampon that someone else made by hand, or used a toilet that someone used short a toilet seat cover than you could take the virus right now.
Also condoms don't dwindle the risk. We are not able to count the numbers and numbers of citizens who carry this virus probably because it is a reoccurring sexually transmitted virus. One more item, you could have HPV and your manly partner not, men carry HPV close to BV or yeast. They can pass it on, and it clear up surrounded by them on its on.

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Yes, but the vaccine has not be around long enough to be proven safe and sound. The vaccine is not good satisfactory to treat all strains, so you may attain a strain not covered by the vaccine. It's also NOT the vaccine they promised they would release back within 2005.

I wouldn't bother getting the vaccine. It's a ripoff.

HPV does NOT always stir away on its own whether you show symptoms (warts) or not. You're contagious even if you're dormant. I have have HPV for 6 years now. It be dormant in my second year, but it's live now.

Just save yourself monitored with regular pap test and HPV tests, treat as needed. Be sure to hold sex only near a monogamous partner; although that is NOT a guarantee you won't achieve HPV. Guys can have it and not know it - that's how I get it.

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Yes, but it won't cure it if you already have it. It prevents you from getting it in the adjectives.

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yes. it is currently approved for women ages 9-26 because it works best at an early age. it also works best for society who are still virgins, but it isn't solely reserved for them. if your doctor won't give it to you because you are not a virgin, find another doc or a place resembling planned parenthood that will.

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Actually, it is an unneeded vaccine so unless required DONT GET IT
really im serious merek drug company is just trying to earn lots of $$$$$$$$ by making a drug that they dont even know works to a bunch of kids. also it hasnt be in carrying out tests long enough to know adjectives of the sideaffects. it could be a really dangerous.
also the shot itself costs $400 a shot. it is a series of 3 shots so it is really expensive as i mentioned sooner. also many ethnic group dont know this but there is a drug call Folic Acid it is a multivitamin that actually ITSELF protects against the servical cancer which is what HPV may motive. Folic Acid is usually in most mutivitamin tablets anyway so u really dont enjoy to buy a new bottle of prescription to keep u in good health. just check the sign of the multivitamin tablet u are currently taking. Folic Acid also is necessary for the production and upholding of new cell. This is especially important during period of rapid cell division and growth such as infancy and pregnancy. It is needed to replicate DNA.
HPV is also treatable so if u take it it can be treated anyway
this just shows that this shot is unneeded and shouldnt be manditory
but u can attain the shot if u are still and plan to be a virgin for a while. it is just a precautionary shot

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