What do ya'll think more or less the cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil?

I found out the I have HPV ( Human Papillomavirus ) final year. There has be a lot of cooperate about this brand new vaccince, Gardasil, that has come out to minister to prevent cervical cancer caused by HPV; that`s why, I want to have my daughter appropriate the vaccine because I don't want her to have this. In your belief, do you think that others will reflect on I'm saying that it's ok for her to enjoy sex now that she have this vaccine?

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Not at all and you shouldn't verbs about any twisted general public who would think that. I don't take to mean why anyone would not want to protect their child from cancer. Even if the person lone had sex beside their spouse, they cannot control what their spouse does every minute. And why would you want to risk that if you don't have to? Also, you should distinctly talk to your daughter something like what you think is right and listen to her thoughts on it.

Is it Safe?

I dont muse it has be out long enough to create my kids guinea pigs. Also, I dont believe the FDA is involved in approving vaccines of any sort.

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If near is any vaccine out, that can keep you from getting some unpromising disease, then I'm up for it.. So i ruminate it's great and I think adjectives women should get it.

Girls Only!!?

I suggest that the vaccine is a good entity, but I do not think that it is a flawless thing to force girls to find it like they are doing in Texas (I consider its Texas).

Girls please!!?

get her the vaccine! i really want to get it but so far neither my doctor nor planned parenthood carry it yet because it is so expensive. despite what some nation may say you are not necessarily adage its ok for her to have sex, you simply need to seize it at an earlier age because it works better consequently. 80% of women have HPV by the age of 50 and i ruminate around 4,000 die of cervical cancer each year. this vaccine will possibly prevent this from arranged to your daughter and i think every woman should return with it.

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no permit your daughter get it i am a man and am getting it soon.

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