I'm only 20yrs so I'm not worried however but how does menopause actually effect you??

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Some people progress through the menopause with only just any symptoms at all, but usually here are at least some symptoms. The most adjectives one is hot flushes, when you suddenly feel deeply hot and sweat, then you dance cold again quite hurriedly. Your mood may swing considerably, and you may find yourself more irritable than usual. You may go past its sell-by date sex for a while, or in some cases ineradicably. You may start putting on weight. Your spike may become thinner. All this can happen anywhere between the ages of 50 to 60 roughly. There are more variation, but that is the average. It's nil to worry nearly really. You may come out of it a much calmer, more relaxed soul.

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It does not effect me as I am a man.When one of my ladies reaches this point.I return with a new one.Hope I own been of some assist

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Menopause only gets you somewhat moody and makes you grumpy resembling no one loves you.

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The usual signs are hot flushes or night sweats which recurrently disturb sleep and are VERY noticable. Mood swings which are awful and normally worse than the average PMT. SOme women win irregular periods while some go and get very deeply heavy bleeding prevailing up to the menopause. If in doubt you can buy a trial from the chemist for around lb15.00 which will confirm for you. The average age to get it is 40 to 50 yrs of age xx

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Stop worrying you own years to go but.

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Honey you're solely 20, you shouldn't be worried about this but.
Anyway, Menopause is when your ovaries stops producing estrogen. The average age is between 45 and 50, depending on your lifestyle and family history. There are masses symptoms, such as osteoporosis, back pains, nearby is the itching, bleeding and dryness in the genital area, and nearby are psychological effects such as mood swings, fatigue, memory loss and depression.

Hope this helps.

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Hot flushes and dry fanny!! (so I'm told)

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hot flushes night sweats mood swings approaching you never had up to that time, pmt thats worse than the deepest depths of helblb lol (ok i am stretching that bit but i am going through it atm at 39 years old)
Hair sprouting where down hasn't sprouted before....crying.....ummmmmm i am sure i own missed something oh yes slight memory loss (knew i would remember)
anyways your 20 atm you have a long time to dance yet and menopause doesn't or shouldn't within my case see in till 50 guess i get lucky huh lol

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i believe you become moody and morose (not much change nearby then for most women lol). i reflect hrt treatment helps to procure through it

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Every woman go through the change,some find it harder to others.First within is the sweats,this can happen any time during the sunshine or night,whether it is hot or cold.Some women hold woken up to find the bed clothes really wet,others only just nothing.How do you know this is going to surface,you get a hot premonition that builds up from the inside and rises from chest up the neck to the obverse.That is one main one the others are crying,you don't know why but adjectives you want to do is cry. Your sex drive can either progress or get worse,within are so many things, hopefully by your time things may of changed approaching men understanding that this does develop,you see men,some times can't handle it.Poor loves!!!

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my mother be the most kind, humanitarian, loving, understanding woman until she go into the menopause. don't get me wrong i still love dearly but she become violent and be always agitated. in a minute she's out of it she's much calmer but still not herself. i infer now what she be going through, it must have be hell

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