Women with fibroids what be your symptoms?

I have be having deeply heavy hurting periods but short period no more then 3 to 4 days. I am 37. Lots of small clots. Wondering if this is a sign of have a fibroid? My sister had fibroids just this minute and bled for like 3 months straight until that time she got it removed and that is to say NOt me so Im trying to figure out from those beside them what their symptoms are.Thanks

Are my tension headache due to stress? dehydration? or my menstrual cycle?

My periods be lasting 3-4 days and I feel soooo lucky.
Then while I was vacationing in the Dominican Republic this
departed december, I thought I was okay because I have my period at the foundation of dec. BUT on December 26 I started my period again and it last for 15 days ! I got it again on Feb 02 for 7 days!
So worried as I be (I'm in your age group by the way) I made an appointment to see my doctor, I didn't know what it could be, I have always be regular. Was I going through premenopause ?
Sooo, my doc gave me an internal nouns, did a pap smear,
gave me calcium and Vitamin D and sent me for blood test and a pelvic ultrasound. I went for my blood test last week and subsequent Monday the 26th, I go for my pelvic ultrasound. I guess I should find out what is going on by the 2nd week of March. Keeping my fingers crossed !
Go see your doc ! Don't pilfer any chances.
Good Luck.
You can email me during the 2nd week of March and I'll report you what my results show.

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Around the same age as you (now 45) I have heavy bleeding & life-size clots. The first period last around 30 days with intense cramping at the start. The second 45 days in need cramps. When it stopped I went to the gyn and she proclaimed fibroid tumor.

Having no money (and really not wanting anyone adjectives or scrapping on me) I granted to opt for a healthier lifestyle. Only drank dampen - and lots of it, stopped eating meat & cheese - occassionally an egg surrounded by something store bought (so I became lacto-vegetarian on the way to mortal vegan), exercised (mostly walking 1-3 miles, 5 x a week, as it exercises all the body parts near out being strenuous on any joints). My period are now typical and I never have cramping unless I don't exercise for awhile.

If I be you, I'd either own a Dr. diagnos so you know what you are dealing with, and later look up other ways to treat it (most Dr's won't think here are other ways to treat it so don't go by in recent times what the Dr says)


Just start seriously changing your lifestyle. The best lifestyle modify there is go by the acronym NEWSTART.

N-nutrition. Head toward vegan and do cleanses if you've be a meat eater.
W-water. drink lots

S-Sunshine. 15 minutes a day is plenty w/o sunscreens
T-Temperance. Avoid impossible things, moderation in good things.
A-fresh Air. Open window when you sleep @ night, and whenever else you can. Exercise contained by the fresh air. Be outside as much as possible.
R-rest. Make sure you are getting right sleep
T-trust in God. Work on your spiritual vivacity, too. Body, Mind & Soul are all inter-related.

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