What are side effects of tubal ligation?

I want to get my tubes tied and I hold an appointment on the 20th; I'll ask the doctor all my question on the appt. but for now I be wondering if there be anybody willing to share their story. Did you experience any unpromising side effects?
I know this is what I want. My husband and I are happy beside only two kids.
Thank you surrounded by advance.

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discomfort the first few days until your body heals. a short time ago bad stomach pains for a full month be the only impossible side effects i had. i be happy w/ a moment ago two also! tubal ligation is what i wanted and tubal ligation is what i walk! you'll reap all the benefits once the strain is over, i.e., sex w/o worries. be careful though, in attendance are some chances of pregnancy w/in those first 5 years after the surgery, ask you doctor for more info.

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I have my tubal ligation 24 hours after the birth of my last child. There be soreness in the lower belly for about a week and a partly. Each day it feel a little bit better. Heed your doctor's proposal regarding limitations & you will achieve over the soreness quickly. Here's to a jubilant home & knowing what you want. Peace.

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Other than just the side effects of the surgery, approaching bloating, or the mild tenderness. I haven't have any problems. Long term it's great, no worries almost birth control pills, or did you buy or bring any condoms . .its actually liberating!

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A tubal ligation is a very simple surgery in this day and age. They do a laporotomy making a very small incision which is covered singular by a bandaid when the procedure is finished. There are no terrible side effects. They own to inject a gas into your pelvis so after you might be bloated a little. There might be some exceedingly minor pain discomfort. And logically you have to own a general anesthetic, so you will be groggy for awhile. So, adjectives in adjectives nothing to be startled of. And the feeling of nouns after- knowing that you are not going to get pregnant is worth any minor discomfort you might own. Good luck!

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The problems and symptoms you have described are similar to those we own heard from various of our patients. As you know, post tubal ligation syndrome or "PTLS" is not recognized as a problem by any the medical establishment or the insurance industry. However, Dr. Berger began studying this problem in his patients because a constant percentage of his patients would mention it to him, and some contacted him after their surgeries to say the TR have helped them dramatically - even if pregnancy be their primary goal.

We do not take to mean what about have a TL causes the symptoms, why they alter so much between different women, or why PTLS only seem to affect some women and not others. What we are doing is collecting data from Dr. Berger's patients who describe us they have this problem, consequently following up with them 6 months after their TR surgery. We enjoy not analyzed the data on the other hand - but so far, it appears that close to 90% of the women we have followed up near have experienced any some or dramatic improvement. We hold several pages on our website that are steadfast to the subject of post tubal ligation syndrome as well as abundant testimonials from patients who have found nouns following tubal reversal surgery with Dr. Berger. I will include a connection to that information for you.

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