How can I actually relieve menstrual cramps in need pain killer?

I'm not allowed to purloin pain killer because I've abused them in olden times. But my girl organ is hurting bad and I'm not particularly happy ATM. And I'm not purely talking roughly speaking exercise and crap like that. I denote full blown alleviation.

What do I do?

Try a warm tub, or placing a heating wad on your belly. That's what I do. Also, very hot, black, black, black tea - I don't know why it works, but an old-fashioned woman told me this, and it works the best! Hope you feel better!

Can you appropriate any other medication whilst on the pill?

Try a hot bath or shower. Also if you enjoy one, put a heating wad on your stomach. That's what I do and it gets rid of my cramps. Hope this help.

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Exercise right presently. I suffer terrible near these. I do like 100 jumpjacks or run surrounded by place. It hurts like hell for the first 50. Your uterus is contracting and exercise will minister to slow the tightening. This takes contemplation of them for a couple of hours. A nice bath or heat pad works too.

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Ibuprofen (Advil's generic name)

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Well, I be gonna say exercise cos that used to abet mine when they were impossible, running up and down the stairs for a bit! Failing that a nice hot water bottle should do the trick! Hope you perceive better soon :-)

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definitely try the heating pad. you can get them at your local drug store or grocery store.

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Go to your local vigour food store (something like Whole Foods or Wild Oats) and ask someone contained by the vitamin section/tea section for some kind of herbal remedies for menstral cramps. Explain your situation and see what they speak. I'm sure they'll have something.

Good luck!

Help plss i necessitate to know this soon?

try a heat wrap or heat pad

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This works for me, drink herbal tea, devour some chocolate, lay down with a heat pad, and try to relax.

How do u acquire a really good stumach?

Try to tale on your tummy, it helps for me...
also don't devour beans and dried fruit...
that's all i can advocate you, hope it helps!

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heating wipe is ur best bet...

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All medications own side effects and are bad for the liver anyway. See site below for relieving cramps in a tough way. Side effects: mood swings and bleeding also reduced.

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ice packs give support to

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try mint tea[ hot] and a heat pad or hot hose bottle soaking in a nice hot bath help too! take a daylight stay nice and lazy drink the tea put wipe over tummy you should feel better. poor infant we have adjectives been in that!i usually stay in p.j.s 1st time and vegg.

Birth control!?

Eating bananas and lying on a heating wipe helps me the best.

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