Are there any foods a woman can chomp through to prevent menstrual cramps?


Shaving question(4 girls)?

I don't know about food but drinking adequate water for roughly speaking two days before you start will support LOTS!! The more water you drink while you are on your time of year will keep you from bloating, too. If you do not catch enough fluids your body will retain it's own.

Girls lone question!!?

I hear bananas.

Is it possible to bleed to death from an extremely pouring period?


Bleeding.can be from hymen?

No i really don't judge there is.

A feminine question.?

Bananas serve.

Any other gurl had an stroke of luck for not making it in time?

soda, lemons

I am very insterested in uterus transplants for hysterectomy .?

There are some yoga moves (on elbows and knees, put your bum up and your cranium down, opening your front body.)

There are herbal teas resembling red clover and raspberry leaf.

I've singular heard rumours in the region of soy/tofu being positive.

Can i still get pregnant?


Anyone know of any angelic breast firming creams?

Bananas are the best. Chocolate will only create you feel accurate because of the endorphins.

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