I hav a friend that want to know if you take a blood trial 4 pregnancy will hiv show up in it if you hold it?


How am I suppossed to go to the bathroom and redeploy my tampon without anyone notice?

Yes you do have to cart an HIV test and they will check for other STD's as economically, they check your iron too

Blue veins contained by chest area?

If they are with the sole purpose doing a pregnancy test after no, it will only put in the picture if you are pregnant or not. HIV and other STDs require other separate tests.If you want to know if you enjoy HIV or not, then ask for an HIV testing, a pregnancy test will NOT report you if you ave HIV.

I cannot lose weight and I estimate it is because I started using the pill, any advice?

if they solitary test pregnancy next No, it wont show.

There may be a requirment in your state though to assessment for STD or other illnesses that could affect the baby.

Your doctor or family connections clinic can tell you.

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