I have the weirdest things arranged to me!?

I had a typical period that started jan 11. Then I should hold started Feb 10th or so but didn't instead I started spotting on the night of the 17th. Woke up the 18th to what seem to be a normal length then today it's only a brown discharge. I didn't have any clotting or anything but this is a really short extent for me. I also have lower spinal column pain, slight cramping next to what feels resembling gas bubbles or something, breast swelling, light headedness, and I am utterly exhausted hence the justification i thought I was pregnant formerly but the day past I started spotting I took an hpt with a unenthusiastic result! HELP

Am i still a kid?

Best advice. Go to a local clinic and see a Doctor. They can better asses whats going on, since you said you thought you be pregnant. Spotting can occur for various reasons. Its better departed to the professionals. Hope all go well.
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How old are you?? When I be in big school, oodles of my friends would have regular period for a while and then it would be MIA for no idea. I wouldnt worry too much in the order of it, STRESS can make it slowly, make it concluding LONGER, make it final SHORTER.... can cause adjectives sorts of weird things to transpire. Just try and relax.

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You need to see a gyn. It could be an infection or even something more serious. Go to the doctor.

A questioin for the ladies?

Do u purloin pregnancy preventions pills, or anything to prevent pregnancy? If so it could be a side affect, if not you should see a doctor......any way, see a doctor

Ok i merely started my period for the first time ever today?

well thats four days long so its not out of the majority range. period are strange things. they come early and behind for no real common sense. see your doctor and talk to your mom

Can irregular period become regular again?

yea it depends on the age cause matching thing used to begin to me

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