What do u presume about breast implant, pros and cons?

im planning to get them any one out near who had them done?

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I have them implanted 20 years ago, when they were still using silicone. I am terribly lucky in that I hold had no problems from them, and have very moral, natural looking results. In my judgment, it is best to have them implanted underneath the pectoral muscle.
This give a more natural look and have a feeling. That being said, I do know a few women who have bad results and have them removed.
So, you must think unbelievably carefully roughly speaking the possibility of adverse reactions. In standard, the larger the implant, the more haphazard of complications. So, choose a reasonable size - nil huge. If you choose to go near the surgery, expect to have throbbing and discomfort for several weeks. Hope this helps.

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i havent got them but i watch a show and it sed if u get them done u hav to attain them redone every ten yrs or sumthing.... and lots of things could run wrong like ooze, or infections

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is within something so foul about your body, that you cannot adopt it? will larger breasts make you look approaching the women in magazine and on TV? they do not change your poor body dummy.

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I would love to hold them, but right now cant afford them.

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im a guy i never have any desires to obtain it done and i hope i never do..but as far as i know ...most of my buddies do not like f/m near fake bazookas , it might make u look more attractive with clothes on but when the clothes r past its sell-by date........it turns evrythingelse off near it..lol...cauze it looks so unnatural and feels really weird(like a tennis balls)lol...speak about u the truth i rather b beside some1 who doesnt or have small but not deceptive.........its my own opions...take concern..:)

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i own seen how they put the graft on your body and I find it so disgusting. All the pian that you will go through,and plus your body might reject the push in. You might end up beside an infection and an ugly blemish. Plus it will never make you get the impression better about yourself when you own a boob job. you own to make you quality good going on for yourself.... not the stupid implant, it will manufacture you look fake.

Welll.i hadnt had my spell since 3 months..and i am ganing a lot of mass..my weight be 145 couple of?

I know a girl who had them and she after just about 4 years hers started to hurt. No leaks or displacement or anything but they hurt so much so have to get them removed.

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