Has anyone else found here immune system is down while breastfeeding i have be feeding my babe-in-arms for 2 yrs?

I have breast nurture my baby for almost 2 years, and lately i hold on to getting sick, ear infections and now urinary tract infections, infections that don't respond to one lot of antibiotics?Mean while my daughter have had one and only 2 mild colds her whole life span?

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I agree that breastfeeding is the best piece for a baby, but at 2 years prehistoric, your child is now a todler and a bit infirm for breastfeeding. Also if you are getting ill and taking antibiotics, that is to say not good for your child as they do shift into the milk and can cause a low smooth in the child that could result contained by your child growing and then getting infected by super resistant germs after the antibiotic therapy is completed. In my nouns, CPS has taken children from their mothers, considering the mother is using the child for her own sexual perposes when she continues to breast nurture at this age. I am not saying that I agreed near this, but it has happen here.

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The UTI's are from the lack of estrogen cause by lactation. Estrogen cream might help and drinking more sea. Your body is using an extra 200- 500 cal per day, depending on how much she still breastfeeds and that leaves not as much of calories for your immune system. Drinking and eating foods soaring in antioxidants, vitamin C and zinc, should serve combat this. Women are more susceptible to infections when breastfeeding but it definitely help their children.

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No, I haven't. I haven't be sick at all and I've be breastfeeding for over a year.

Something to consider is that you may be trying to be "Super Mom" and wearing yourself out too much. Be sure to take out some time for yourself and be sure to guzzle right!!

Kudos for keeping up the breastfeeding! If you need support, I'd turn to the KellyMom forums.

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More than likely your 2 year behind the times that you are still breastfeeding is making your health challenge. Why are you still breast feeding? It seem to me that your 2 year old have gotten all the nutrition she requests to last her a existence time. I think you necessitate to focus on getting your immune system back up to par & place your 2 year outmoded on whole milk unless you prefer soy for both of you.

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The longest I breastfed any of my 5 children was two years. Never notice any problem with my immune system, however, after 2 years ancient, they need to verbs, it is a nice break for you. Perhaps the simple stress of being contained by demand (even if it is only a morning or evening thing). The child is inseparable from you - this is not good. When you successfully ween - frees more time for your own wishes to be addressed.

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Yes so don't breastfeed..move to formula.

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The immune system can be compromised by many things in the American diet. If you drink slap water, you are getting chlorine and fluorine that kill the friendly bacteria. If you drink sodas, you are getting fluorine, sugars and they are lowering your pH. Coca Cola have a pH of 2.8! This invites disease and compromises your immune system for 3 hours after drinking it.

The antibiotics you are taking has destroyed your intestinal flora and your tot needs these and this have left you exceedingly vulnerable to adjectives kinds of diseases and sickness.

You can boost your immune system into lofty gear, help your little one greatly many ways. Do not capture the flu shot whatever you do. It contains mercury as a preservative and can be impressively damaging to you. 99% of adjectives cancers start out as infections. Breast cancer take about 10 years to develop from low level infections and bad oil. If you have amalgam filling (silver fillings) you need to consult a dentist explicitly set up to remove these safely. The mercury contained by these fillings ends up individual converted by your liver into mercuric ions that destroy brain cell and can be passed to the baby.

I am not a doctor, but own years of nutritional studies and I have some suggestions that I would do if you be me:

1. Stop all SOY products at once. Look at labels, don't get through pizza from pizza hut and other cheap pizza places they use 30% soy in their cheeses. SOY is outstandingly bad for you. It will among other things, inhibit your iron digestion, slow your thyroid, etc.

2. Avoid CANOLA oil. It is 100 x more toxic than Soy. It is a terrifically, very cheap grease to produce and has sharp in it i.e. very unpromising for you. Even bugs won't eat it. It is a prime ingredient in various mosquito repellents and machinery oil. When they refine it for human consumption, it go rancid very speedily, so they hydrogenate it and it becomes a trans podgy! Very bad for you and for your digestive system.

3. It's deeply possible that you have a candida problem because of adjectives the antibiotics you have taken that will contribute you the symptoms you have described. I would avoid adjectives forms of sugar and take a moral probiotic. A good source for this is at: www.healthline.cc.

4. Get Colostrum from the healthline pattern site. This will stabilize your immune system and provide a real boost to the immune system.

5. To return with rid of the infections, I would purchase the Allicin from the healthline company. This is a natural product explicitly a powerful bacteria opponent.

6. I would also suggest purchasing nucleotides from that company. This is the most powerful immune system booster that you can ever get. It speeds up therapeutic by 2/3 and can usually get rid of a cold contained by one day if you start taking it at the first sign of a cold or flu.

7. One more article, oleuropin is a powerful bacteria, virus, and fungus enemy. It is an extract from olive leaves.

All these things are natural and if you progress to that web site mentioned above, they put on the market very pure, importantly potent products that really work.

All of these suggestions above have be used by me personally and I can relate you they really work.

Good luck to you.

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