I stopped my spell on feb 1 and i started today, its only be 14 days. why is this?

usually it takes close to 28 days to start up again, but it has solitary been 14, it have never done this before.

Cervical Dysplasia and LEEP?

Having a time this soon needs to be evaluated by your doctor to determine what exactly is occurring. Periods can be artificial by many things including stress, cargo gain/loss, thyroid, hormonal imbalance, infection, malady, medications, polyp, cyst, amongst other reason. The only passageway to know for sure exactly what is going on is to see your doctor for an exam and testing.

How much counterweight can I lose still being HEALTHY surrounded by about 26 days?

sometimes if your stressed or if you enjoy gained/lossed weight it happen!! i was told not to verbs about it !!

Conversion of pounds to kg?

Age and stress effect the cycle if you are beneath 21 this is not at all unusual or if you are over 40 it is really run of the mill too. See a Dr if it concerns you or if there is odor or unusual volume as that can tight-fisted a miscarriage or a ruptured cyst. Good Luck1

How long does breakthrough bleeding last?

Its ok that happen to me aswell....i got it on the 23rd of dec after finished on 30th dec then get it again at 11th Jan. But i got told its fine and at hand is nothing to verbs about,,,prob you be stressing or something. =)

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