How do men consistency about women getting breast implant?

not a major graft just cup bigger. do you abhorrence it/like it? or against ir completely?

Boobies HELP!!?

I'm against it. I prefer them au naturale.

Thining hairteens?

All warm and fuzzy inside.

I havent have sex in 4 months. do u devise im gonna feel any discomfort when i do it again?

you must do it if you hold the resources!

When your having sex is the vagina supposed to be really damp?

i would get them if i have the money. i think big boobs look better

Personal Female Question: Serious Answers Only?

How do women quality about men getting breast implant?

Wat's the disease that u can get from toilet chairs and is se*ually transmitted?

alot of guys dont like it they enunciate it is very unusual when you are trying to do it and they dont move they just sit here and stare at you

Your period Serious grill?

Its the womans preference, But instinctively natural is better!

What is **?

I do not close to the idea of breast implant unless the person delivery them had a mastectomy due to cancer, or they are mtf transsexuals. The function I think explicitly because I think women place far too much prominence on their breasts... sure they are nice, but there is passageway more to them than that.

Getting rid of baby tummy?

i chew over much of it is gross to think nearly but as long as you don't think some look nice.

Breast exam put somebody through the mill (serious answers only)?

A good man will love you regardless of your breast size. Don't you agree?

What is the avarage age for a girl to menstruate?

nothing against it.. but afterwards.. profoundly of women's knockers start to deflate.. and that doesnt look so pretty

you have to take care whom you get it done by

Period query??

its dangerous... i know its pretty and looks nice... but in my judgment, i considered my gf for not to do that... just fluid whats god's give

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I like mine the size they are and wouldn't modify them.... oh....wait... you didn't scrounging for me did you?... Now I'M embarrassed.

But seriously, its your body if you want them grasp them, just brand name sure its what you want and not what society is telling you to do.

I'm upset desperate!! Help me!! Say anything!!?

I mostly hate pseudo boobs. Its took fake and unnatural. The simply way I would similar to fake boobs is over someone beside no boobs at all. I know alot of girls dont develope breast, and within thier case I would want them to attain implants. But otherwise, indisputable is way better.

My girlfriend have m.s.she had episode a few weeks ago presently she doesnt want to have sex is that usual?

I think women should adopt themselves for who they are and come up with their own sign of beauty independent from what the medium is telling them. After adjectives, you don't see guys going out and getting penis implants. The lone acceptable track to view breast implant is when a woman gets them after she have had surgery to remove one or both of her breasts due to breast cancer.

Could he be too big 4 me?

Personally- I would to some extent women didn't get implant (this- in spite of the reality that, yes, I am a "boob" man). I know that for many women- it's a self-esteem point. But ultimately, what a guy ends up "loving"- is who she IS, not what any of her "parts" look like. Maybe what a woman looks like- at first, is what attracts a man... -But it's who she is as a individual, that keeps him by her side. And THAT'S the most vital thing.

I repugnance myself and have a particularly low self esteem?

i think implant are ugly.

Pink Menstraul Blood?

I don't abhor it. If you're happy, I'm pleased. I do prefer original equipment.

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