Sudden vary in extent, extremely painful and hard to digest. Fibroids? Endometriosis?

My cycles since I can remember have other been six days long, the first 2 days exceedingly heavy bleeding, moderate bleeding the subsequent two days and the last two days be very feathery. Even after having two children, my cycle have always returned to duplicate cycle within a couple of months following their birth.

Last month, my interval lasted 11 days, the first 5 human being extremely heavy and finally contraction into a lighter flow the following 6 days. This month has resulted surrounded by the same start (day 4 of my cycle and adjectives being especially heavy.)

For those of you who enjoy experienced endometriosis and/or fibroids (history in my inherited of both), is this a warning sign I entail to be aware of? My fiance and I would like to attempt to hold one more child and through long-gone encounters near birth control, they've taken me into deep depressions as a result of the hormones. I don't want to put an shutting down to my periods adjectives together at this point, but am seriously weighing my option.

Thank you in credit!

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Your guess about the cause is a good one. It could be any. If you are checked out and found NOT to have one of these, they should do a hormone panel to see if you own some abnormality, possibly even an ovarian tumor which affects your hormones.

It COULD just be how your body works, disappointingly. Often, the endometrium (the tissue that bleeds), doesn't exit the uterus fully, and continues to bleed. A D&C can bring relief, and even stop this altogether, or it may come posterior. The procedure is rather unpleasant, too. If the pill isn't for you, within IS a drug that slows bleeding, usually used to stop hemorrhaging. Oxytocin is the one they usually give, I believe.

For makeshift relief of bleeding, try lying down for a sunshine or two, with a cold pack on your belly. Leave it on for 20 mins., then remove. Put it final after skin warms up again. Do this for a few hours and it habitually provides relief. Also, avoid drugs similar to aspirin and ibuprofen, which cause more bleeding. Use Tylenol instead.

See the correlation below for more explanations and treatment options.

P.S. The site below also mentions the procedure mentioned above (endometrial ablation). However, it states that this is NOT for anyone wish to maintain her fertility, as it "destroys the facing of the uterus"). Since you mentioned wanting to have another child, this wouldn't be appropriate for you.

You might also want to reconsider have another child, as "loss of tonality" (or stretching) in the uterus, can cause excess blood loss, and even hemorrhage, esp. after childbirth. Sounds resembling you need a thorough gyn work-up! Good luck!

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Hey Mysti, I enjoy had to enjoy a balloon ablation due to my heavy and totally irregular menstrual periods, I have an ultrasound done and that's when they found the 4 fibroid tumours in my uterus. I have the ablation / biopsy 1 week ago, I feel I am within allot of pain still, but the bleeding have stopped, thank god...... before the ablation, I have my cycle for 38 days!!! take that. :(

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It could be menopause or peri-menopause. I'm menopausal and my closing period last an entire month! and it was calorific too.

A trip to the OB/GYN is in instruct. The doc can give you a simple experiment to see if you still ovulating. And stay away from synthetic hormones. They are linked to cancer, among other things.

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