Are 11 y/o girls really that sexually active that the HPV vaccine should be mandate?

i was wondering how this ruling was going to any stop or help 11 year outmoded girls not get any other STDs surrounded by their current or future sexual experimentations. and if you are younger than 15 and reading this, what do you reflect on? do you think you should capture this vaccine before you even prefer to have sex or know what sex is? and if you are <15 do you know adjectives the other STDs that are out there?


HPV vaccine have chemicals which have be proven to increase infertility risk. What thoughts does that provoke?

Vaccines contain Mercury (can lead to autism), Aluminum (research links to Alzheimer's), Formaldehyde (cancer-forming agent), Latex (allergen), Antifreeze (cancer-forming allergen), and more discouraging stuff.

And does it work? I guess we'll find out!

What are the alternatives? How about not dangerous sex and sex education. HPV sure increases the risks of cervical cancer. How else can we avoid HPV? Ladies need to know you can't other SEE HPV (or it's effect ... genetal warts) so a guy could pass it on to a female without any of them knowing it. Wouldn't it be wise to attain an STD profile on the person you're in the region of to get below the covers with? Somtimes the logical answer is the smallest chosen; but I believe it's appropriate.

Mothers and Fathers - this is your job to edify the children. Step outside of the comfort zone. I'm Catholic so I hate to read out we need to prepare our children the use of Condoms - but if we don't, we're going to send them out within this sex-crazed society unprotected. Think about your daughter, later think just about, "I wish we would hold told her about protected sex before she be diagnosed with cervical cancer". The HPV vaccine may not be the solution.

Bowel and/or stomach Problems, Is anyone here a doctor?

i suggest this Q is misguided...just as most of the hatred to the vaccine is.

its not that 11 yr olds are necessarily very sexually involved or that they are promoting sex at a young age. it is a preventative gauge. hpv can lead to CANCER. if you could present your daughter something that could protect her from a certain benign of cancer...why not?

I need girl proposal?

This vaccine is most effective for women who own not yet be exposed to HPV. Thus, the vaccine is most useful for kids and teens who enjoy not yet have sex. It's a preventative measure, not a treatment.

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