I'm a 21/f beside suspected fibroids. I'm worried...should I be?

I have aching on my side for a few weeks that wouldn't go away and after a couple dr. visit I was given a CT scan. They found zilch wrong with my kidneys which they suspected may be the rationale but I was told they saw something wrong. They believed it be fibroid(s) and I should go to the ob/gyn asap. I not here not knowing what it even was and if this is serious or only just a common problem. Please relieve.. I'm scared to manufacture an appointment.

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Fibroid tumors (and don't let that word panic you) are a very adjectives finding in women. They're usually benign and cause little problem. But first you must be diagnosed next to this. At this point, you don't know that you have any fibroids at adjectives. Your OB/Gyn will do a pelvic exam and may even do sonography. Please don't worry at this stage. Even if it turns out to be fibroids, they usually aren't a big contract and if necessary, they can be treated both surgically and nonsurgically.

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Fibroids is another residence for fibroma, an encapsulated connective tissue tumor. Tumors are supplied with blood vessel and are prone to grow. Depending on the location of this, health matter may be affected. Make an appointment, please.

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defin, progress to the gyn, you may even have ovarian cyst resembling i do becauses that cause some pain within the lower abdomen, if your have severe menstrual periods, constant urination, or pelvic cramp or pressure it may be fibroids or endometriosis, if you don't have that it may be a benign cyst which is type of harmless but may hold to be surgically removed, you should not worry though in recent times go and see what they give an account you

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A 'fibroid' tumor is BENIGN, but it can 'prevent you from getting or staying pregnant' and it needs to be 'removed' while it is still 'small' ... your's may be 'larger' because you voice that you have a 'cramp in your side' so the sooner you put together that appointment the sooner your 'fibroids' can be removed ... and then you can 'move about back to one just what you be before' you have them, or you can get 'infertility lend a hand' if necessary to catch pregnant ... but you must first HAVE THOSE FIBROIDS REMOVED ASAP!

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